Capital One Cup

Liverpool advance in the Capital One Cup after a dramatic 30 penalty kicks

Liverpool has advanced to the fourth round in the Capital One Cup after a very dramatic match against Middlesbrough. The match...


Nittany Lions

A Culture of Abuse

It was as if they’d set out to prove every “jock” stereotype true. To prove that the only reason that any...



The New Age of American Sports: Part II: The NBA and MLB

The NFL has been in the news last week for all the wrong reasons, but having discussed that, let’s move on...



Why International T20s Should Be Done Away With

Cricket is an ever evolving game, and one that has constantly evolved and changed over its long history. These changes have...


oscar pistorius portait unfinished

How an Unfinished Portrait Describes the Fate of Oscar Pistorius

Portrait painter Natalie Holland paints people who both inspire and provoke her. In 2010 she was watching athletics on the TV...



Ring Of Honor – The Real Face Of Professional Wrestling

When you mention the word wrestling, the first thought that jumps to mind is the WWE. Their rich lineage stretches back to...

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