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Why the USMNT lost?

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The biggest reason why the USMNT National Team lost was because they couldn’t attack. Jurgen Klinsmann abandoned his philosophy he used in the World Cup. If Julian Green was good enough to play in the World Cup, why wasn’t he chosen or other young players were chosen for the Gold

2015 US Gold Cup Projected Roster

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With the Gold Cup coming soon, the U.S likely the favorites will be unleashing a new roster. Klinsmann looking forward to the 2018 World Cup has begun to develop his younger players to reach hopefully the semi-finals. Throughout the friendlies, there was a heavy emphasis on developing the next generation. For

Why the Knicks are still a destination for top Free Agents?


Everyone is writing off the Knicks as a potential destination for free agents? Yes they’re struggling. But if you are a free agent this summer, you’re telling me you wouldn’t to talk to Phil about taking your talents to New York? I mean the guy has how many rings again? New

US MLS Stars Beware

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U.S MLS soccer stars should beware. Jürgen Klinsman’s message has been clear. He wants his players to play in Europe and in the Champions League. His dream may come sooner than most have projected. The 2018 World Cup team could feature a possible team whose players mostly play on top

Beating the Heat


Question 1: How to beat them? The Miami are undoubtedly the best team of this generation. If your team is going to beat the Heat, it’s going to take great play for your big men, good three point shooting and solid ball handling. The Miami Heat were last this season in rebounds

Man Utd Needs An Overhaul


Manchester United needs to have a massive makeover if they want to contend in the Premier League next season. If you saw the match against Sunderland, Man U should have lost 3-0 thanks to the goalpost. United's roster especially their midfield doesn't match the talent of the elite teams such as a