• oscar pistorius portait unfinished

    How an Unfinished Portrait Describes the Fate of Oscar Pistorius

    Portrait painter Natalie Holland paints people who both inspire and provoke her. In 2010 she was watching athletics on the TV and became entranced by a character known as The Blade...

  • Dwain Chambers and Christian Malcolm

    A History Of British Sprinting: Chambers and Malcolm

    In this part of the A History of British Sprinting series, we will be looking at Dwain Chambers and Christian Malcolm. These two sprinters have been very successful in what has...

  • Marlon Devonish and Mark Lewis-Francis

    A History of British Sprinting: Devonish and Lewis-Francis

    The last article in this series was about Darren Campbell and Jason Gardener, two athletes who have been successful in recent years and made sure that sprinting in Britain was kept...

  • featured

    A History of British Sprinting: Gardener and Campbell

    The first part of this series focused on two olympic gold medalists Christie and Wells, the two men that can claim to the best ever sprinters in British history. The second...

  • Linford Christie

    A History of British Sprinting: Christie and Wells

    Although Americans, Jamaicans and Canadians have generally dominated the sprinting game through history, there have been countries which have challenged this pattern throughout the years of modern competitive sprinting. The United...

  • European Championships: The Third Man

    European Championships: The Third Man

    The Dark Horse and The Muscle Man  The dark horse of British sprinting, Dwain Chambers, 36, once again shocked the nation in the recent British Championships to secure a spot at the...

  • Shirley Strickland

    Shirley Strickland

    Shirley Strickland was an Australian athlete; she won more Olympic medals than any other Australian in running sports. Shirley was born, a farm girl, in 1925 – the second oldest of...

  • Roger Bannister

    Roger Bannister: The Life and Times of a Legend

    The four minute mile was an elusive ambition in the field of athletics.  It had been a target for many years but has never been recorded formally.  Then one day in...

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