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The Houston Rockets are Finally Clicking

The Houston Rockets have solidified themselves as legitimate contenders, sitting in third place in a competitive Western Conference. If you told me halfway through the 2015-2016 NBA season that the 2016-2017 Houston Rockets would be 2.5 games back of the Golden State Warriors, and 1.5 games back of the San Antonio

Welcome to the NBA Season

Christmas time is a great time for a bevy of reasons.  If your a huge sports fan like me, it is an even better time for the NBA.  Although the regular season officially starts around Halloween time, Christmas day is when the pot starts to really stir for many teams.

Sorting Out the Oddball 76ers Team

The 76ers have been the laughing stock of the NBA for the past couple years. Unlike the Cleveland Browns, who despite their best efforts can still not avoid ineptitude, the Philadelphia 76ers have intentionally been bad. Taking the concept of tanking to an all-new extreme, the 76ers have drafted near

We Will Miss Craig Sager

Sitting in my room watching ESPN on a freezing Thursday night in Massachusetts, I couldn't help but notice the breaking news bar popping out at the bottom of the television screen.  The ticker read, "legendary TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager dies at the age of 65." Normally breaking news usually don't

Harden Leading MVP Race After Win @ Thunder?

  Towards the end of Thunder vs Rockets game last Friday, the home crowd began to chant MVP in regards to Russell Westbrook's 7th straight triple-double. Westbrook's tremendous triple double run has only been matched by one other player in NBA history, that being Oscar Roberson.  With a season performance such

Orlando Magic having fun in free agency

The Orlando Magic are not messing around in free agency this year. Besides trading for forward Serge Ibaka, Orlando has made some other moves as well. Orlando signed guard D.J. Augustin to a  4 year, $29M deal. They have also resigned forward Evan Fournier to a  5 year, $85M deal. Orlando was