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The Case for the Patriots

How many quarterbacks who have played until the age of 39 excel at the level that Tom Brady has? The answer: none.  The most sickening argument that people bring up is, "anyone can do it in the system that Brady has been accustomed to."  Yes, Bill Belichik is one of the

Walking On Sunshine: How New England Stole The Super Bowl

University of Phoenix Stadium played host to Super Bowl XLIX where the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the New England Patriots. Coming into the game, both teams still had some things to prove to a national audience that had seen quite the definition of spectacle before the big game even

Brady vs. Manning: “Tom Terrific” Proved Himself

No matter where in the sports world you went, you would hear the same things. "Tom Brady is done." "He's too old to play anymore." "Manning is so much better than Brady." "The Patriots are doomed." Tom Brady heard the media saying these things. What did he do about it? He went

Panic Time for Saints, Patriots?

This time last year, the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots were both 4-0. They looked like two of the toughest teams in the NFL and many even predicted these two would meet in the Super Bowl. This season? They have a combined record of 3-5 and look like shells