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Why write for us?

We are a sports website, with writers submitting articles from around the World in Sport!

You may want to write about sports online with a view of building up a portfolio of work with which to impress people.

You could be starting out in sports journalism and looking for a niche. You may want to do this for the Résumé, to help university applications or just for the sheer hell of it.  Whatever your reason, we welcome your contributions.

Whatever the reason, please contact us.

We are looking for some keen writers to write about any aspect of sport.

What we are looking for:

  • Match Reports/Analysis
  • Opinions and Viewpoints on the latest sports news
  • Match Previews
  • ANYTHING Sport related

You will get full credit and after you have written a few articles we would hope to give you full posting rights so you can put your news and views online yourself.  Plus we will tag your name in to all your posts so you will be quickly able to show anyone all the articles you have written for the site in one long stream.

You do not need to be the new Shakespeare – we will edit your stories to iron out any errors. We are simply looking for people with a passion for the game and an urge to write about it.

Let us know if you are interested – and let’s get writing!

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