6 Facts You Need to Know About the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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The 2022 World Cup is an interesting addition to the long-awaited FIFA international event. Qatar is elected as the first middle-eastern country to host a football World Cup. Also, this is the first World Cup in a long time hosted in winter. As so, fans are looking forward to the event.

With few questionable decisions, Qatar’s management has faced backlash worldwide. Still, they are going strong to make the highly anticipated event a success. In the meantime, take a look at 6 facts you should know about the upcoming event.

1. Fewest Number of Stadiums

Qatar lined up only eight stadiums for the upcoming World Cup 2022. This is the fewest number of stadiums a world cup has hosted since 1982. Even in the 2018 World Cup, Russia elected 12 stadiums. However, this doesn’t imply that they are cutting costs for the event.

Qatar fully renovated the eight stadiums for the upcoming tournament. They were also installed with the latest air-cooling technology for players’ and visitors’ comfort. Eco-friendly technology will power the stadiums for zero carbon footprint. Also, another reason for arranging only eight stadiums is travel convenience. As visitors only need to move within two or three cities.

2. The Most Expensive World Cup Ever

According to Surprise Sports, Qatar has invested around a stunning $200 billion in building and renovating various infrastructure projects. These stadiums, motorways, hotels, and other projects are to complement the upcoming World Cup 2022.

Qatar also planted around 16,000 trees to beautify the city for the planned 2022 World Cup stadiums. Tournament organizers verified the fact themselves. The current Emir of Qatar also planned to host an inspiring fireworks event during the opening ceremony. This is going to be the most expensive World Cup in the history of football.

3. Most Commute Friendly World Cup Ever

Qatar is a trendy tourism destination. As so, the commute situation was already good before. Still, with help from the management committee, Qatar upgraded roads and commute plans.

Qatar is a tiny country compared to Russia. Also, the host cities are very close to each other. This complements the country’s superior bus, train, tram, metro, and taxi transport. As a result, fans can easily move anywhere during the tournament.

4. Specialized Zones with Cheap Alcohol

Qatar, an Islamic country, has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol. But, as a major fraction of fans will be from alcohol-legalized countries, the government is making a major exception. The tournament management elected a few specialized zones and hotels. These special zones will serve foreign fans will alcohol at a cheaper price.

Still, stadiums will supposedly not serve any alcohol. Also, management discourages people from consuming alcohol outside said zones. Otherwise, they will face serious consequences.

5. Closing the Differences Between Europe and The Middle East

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is heavily promoting unity. They also included it as a major part of the tournament’s theme. Both fans from the Middle East and Europe are hoping to achieve this feat too. Government and tournament officials are working together with great effort to make a dream come true.

6. Safety for Travelling Fans and Players

Qatar is currently one of the safest nations. It is a country that makes a good profit from touring. As a result, the government leaves no room for error. And in the upcoming event, many high-ranking people will make their way to the country. So, they are giving extra attention to security measures for both fans and players. The crime index of the country at present is at an all-time low.


FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious sports event. For which both Qatar and tournament management aren’t leaving any stones unturned. They are pushing the maximum effort to make the event as interesting and rememberable as possible.

World Cup 2022 in Qatar is expected to be a stepping stone toward bridging the current cultural gap between the West and the Middle East. Check out our content on World Cup Live Stream for more information on how to watch the event from anywhere. Let us know in the comment below about your opinion on the upcoming international event.

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