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Sitting Down For What You Believe In

When it comes to protests of the national anthem, people usually think of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the root of these protest. While he may have been the first player to bring this controversy to the NFL, the

Who should the Wizards draft?

On Thursday night, the Washington Wizards were officially eliminated from playoff contention. The Miami Heat had won and this caused the Wizards to look ahead to next season. This game was notable as it was Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade's

Horse Racing

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A Typical Life of a Racehorse

The life of a racehorse is obviously vastly different from the lives experienced by horses used for other purposes, including pleasure riding. A racehorse is usually purchased from a quality breeder with the specific purpose of horse racing in mind. Generally



Who Will Win Champions League 2019?

With what is promising to be the most exciting Champions League final in years coming up on June 1, we take a look at the odds of who might win this highly anticipated match. Will it be Liverpool or Spurs?

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Liverpool and Tottenham to fight for Champions League After Incredible Comebacks

It’s perhaps a strange choice of venue in which to discover two of England’s top teams competing. Yet the Spanish capital of Madrid is the place where the highly anticipated Champions League final will take place on 1 June. According to