How to BankRoll Manage Your Sports Betting Account

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Updated: Aug 17, 2020 7:25 pm

How to BankRoll Manage Your Sports Betting Account 

  1. Follow line movements

Majority of the time when SportsBook open their lines the sharps and public bet and that’s when the Sportsbook have a better more accurate idea of what the implied line should be. Line movements are the first thing you need to keep an eye on. When spreads move in one direction or another you need to determine to yourself if you agree or disagree with the line movements. For me, in higher profile games where we have all the information about both sides are the type of spots you want to attack for before the implied line gets inflated. In lower-profile games or events, I want to get as much information as possible and that’s when you really want to note the line movements.

  1. SportsBook Shop odds  

To become a successful bettor, you have to make every single dollar count because all of that adds up over time. Your goal in betting is to be better than 55-60% of your bets hitting to be profitable over a long period of time. Most online sportsbooks have the same spreads listed across the sports as it gets closer to that event starting however when the open that’s usually when you see the biggest discrepancies. 


Review of the Sportsbooks:


Feature  Where DraftKings Sportsbook Ranks 
NFL Moneyline 2nd
NBA Moneyline 5th
NCAAF Moneyline 16th
Soccer Moneyline 6th
MLB Moneyline 8th
NHL Moneyline 4th
NHL Spread 15th
MLB Spread  8th
NBA Spread  Average spread odds are worse than -110 per side 
NCAAF Spread Average spread odds are worse than -110 per side 
NFL Spread  Average spread odds are worse than -110 per side 
Overall Odds Ratings  ***/*****

When I first started sports betting I loved the Draftkings platform. They have the best on-site 

statistics relating to the game you’re betting. It is a very easy website to use and gives you a lot of profit boosts to increase their website users’ usage, and promotes other users to switch brands. Another thing Draftkings does a good job of is offering a wide variety of pros and different pools to play. My biggest problem with the overall site is that it is a low-risk low reward type of site to play on. I don’t ever feel like gaining a lot of money over long periods of time on the website. It’s something I like to attack if I’m taking advantage of their NFL lines. Also, another problem with the website is the customer service is beyond trash!!! The website offers a live chat and email support but they do not have dedicated phone line service for support. Instead, you have to wait for a response where an employee calls you that can be hours or multiple days to be accomplished. Customer service becomes a problem when you’re having problems or complications with the withdrawal process. 


Feature  Where FanDuel Sportsbook Ranks 
NFL Moneyline 3rd 
NBA Moneyline 21st
NCAAF Moneyline 13th 
Soccer Moneyline 7th
MLB Moneyline 11th 
NHL Moneyline 21st 
NHL Spread 7th
MLB Spread  5th
NBA Spread  Average spread odds are -110 per side
NCAAF Spread Average spread odds are -110 per side
NFL Spread  Average spread odds are -110 per side
Overall Odds Ratings  ****/*****

Fanduel actually is one of my favorite websites. I’ve used their best feature is the live betting 
experience on the website. The competitive ever-changing odds catch the intrigues of experienced sports betters and new ones as well. Another feature I appreciate the site does is the promotions and odds boosts they offer. Each day for a certain category of sports they offer odds boost they make for great sweats when watching the game.

Another example of this was when the NBA came back they had the “Spread the love” promotion where sports betters would all be the same line and the line moves as more people bet money. I got the Lakers at +40 against the Clippers; it was the lock of the year. That makes people want to take other wages on that same game. Also, a great thing that they do for the UFC offers a double chance. THAT IS THE BEST FEATURE OF ANY SPORTSBOOK!

You can bet a fighter to win by 2 possible outcomes it decreases a lot of the risk and increases the bettor’s opportunity to get better lines as well. An area of improvement for me for this website is to offer a more overall profit boost rather than a game profit boost. Their biggest competitor is Draftkings and that’s one thing they do well is offer their customers a wide range of creative profit boosts. 


Feature  Where Unibet  Sportsbook Ranks 
NFL Moneyline 5th 
NBA Moneyline 2nd
NCAAF Moneyline 15th
Soccer Moneyline 5th
MLB Moneyline 7th
NHL Moneyline 6th
NHL Spread 1st
MLB Spread  1st
NBA Spread  Average spread odds are -110 per side
NCAAF Spread Average spread odds are -110 per side
NFL Spread  Average spread odds are -110 per side
Overall Odds Ratings  *****/*****

If you’re in New Jersey take advantage of THE BEST ODDS! Unibet headquarters are in Malta and available across 100 different countries. In America, the only states that have access to this book are New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  I really like this website platform. It offers everything you can want, and over time it’ll increase your knowledge of all the overall sports.

My favorite feature of the website is profit boosts they offer. There’s no other book in the industry that offers the same flexibility and creativity as them. Every time I feel like I sign onto my account I have at least 5+ different profit boosts to use. Each profit boost has certain rules for example a leg can’t be larger than -500 or it’ll be regarding a specific sport.

For example, over the weekend I had 8 different profit boosts, and 2 of them where to live bet a basketball/hockey game. I feel like every time I do a parlay as well I can use a different boost and overtime that increases my loyalty to the website. In addition, their customer service is great, the customer support is easy to work with and have pretty fast responding times. 


Feature  Where BetMGM ranks
NFL Moneyline 11th
NBA Moneyline 9th
NCAAF Moneyline 12th
Soccer Moneyline 16th
MLB Moneyline 1st
NHL Moneyline 8th
NHL Spread 12th
MLB Spread  13th
NBA Spread  Average spread odds are greater than -110
NCAAF Spread Average spread odds are greater than -110
NFL Spread  Average spread odds are greater than -110
Overall Odds Ratings  **/*****

Overall this website is hard to rate because it is so brand new compared to the older version of the website. I have nothing extremely memorable about the site or bad about the site. The website overall is very crisp, clean, and easy to use and offers a good live betting experience. Where they can improve is odds wise that’s what has really drawn me away from the website. I heard online casinos are one of the best though. It’s a company headquartered in Las Vegas and operates hotels/casinos so it’ll be interesting to see how they improve expanding their online part.


I like the idea of the website because it offers a wide variety of betting options for their customers. In addition, they do a good job of being widely available across the states. The problem I have with the website is the overall execution of the website. Some of the wackiness of the site is deposit min is $45 and no more than $1,000. And then the withdrawal minimum is $100/$3,000 with fees ranging from anywhere $50 – $120. It’s a weird website overall when it comes to spending and receiving your money.

  1. Use twitter for player/team news updates 
  2. Not every bet needs to be a homerun 

The main attraction for sports bettors is parlays. They are the definition of high risk/high 

reward types of bets. Over time though you need to start really paying attention to how you’re playing your parlays or even hedging your bets in general. Taking a couple of minus safe lines will offset some of your losses on higher risk bets. An example of this is for the NBA playoffs I took a 3 leg parlay on the games today.

To offset that win or lose I took another parlay of the series winner. I took the Bucks over Magic (-10000) / Raptors over Nets (-5000) / Clippers over Mavericks (-530) / Lakers over Blazers (-420) / Celtics over Sixers (-360), parlay at -107. These are lines I’m usually not taking but as a mini-feature bet I feel like it’s safe.

I know I’ll have more high variance type of bets throughout the playoff series daily so this gives me a backbone in my account I’ll have access to a week or two from now.

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