A Kane wreck? Why The Spurs star’s potential transfer causes chaos for the Big Six

Harry Kane Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea

Harry Kane, 27, has poured petrol onto the fire in his bid to leave Tottenham Hotspur. In a recent interview with ex-Manchester United legend Gary Neville (The Overlap), Kane revealed that he desired a move away from North London to fulfill his ambitions of European and Premier League glory (The striker revealed his desire to be a part of the biggest games such as next week’s Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea). Furthermore, the England captain expressed his desire to play alongside Kevin de Bruyne due to his unparalleled vision and ability to create chances.

Kane and De Bruyne have fought numerous times both on the English and European stages, but we could see them in the same coloured shirt for the first time.

However, Kane’s move is not a certainty with strong negotiator and Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy potentially standing in the way. Reports suggest that the chairman may have offered a gentleman’s agreement (https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/harry-kane-tottenham-transfer-gentleman-s-agreement-b935786.html) last summer allowing Kane to leave if Jose Mourinho was unsuccessful during his tenure at the club.

The infamous European Super League saga which collapsed, for the Premier League Big Six, in April has resulted in a wave of protests across England’s biggest clubs and the Spurs ownership have not been immune from this. To lose a player as essential, both on and off the pitch, to the club could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many fans. We must also question how this would affect Heung Min Son who’s partnership with Kane has become the envy of the Premier League (Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son – The Dynamic Duo) even in a disappointing team domestic campaign. Hence, both parties may not be acting so gentlemanly come August.

The fallout from this monumental shift in English football does not just affect Tottenham. With other owners such as the Glazer family and FSG also desperate for a respite from the current siege, the transfer of the England captain after a major international tournament this summer would surely eclipse any rival’s marquee signing.

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The Dortmund duo of Haaland and Sancho have both been linked to other Premier League clubs involved in the Super League

Even clubs which haven’t been linked with the England striker will no doubt feel the affects. Arsenal fans have been vocal on their owners, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, especially after they rejected a bid from Spotify’s owner, Daniel Ek (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57130940). Despite being in a pandemic, protests reached huge numbers outside the Emirates, and online media platforms, such as Arsenal Fan TV, have repeatedly criticised the ownership. To see their rivals potentially spending up to £200 million on new faces, should the Kane transfer go through, may reignite tensions for Arsenal fans.

In Manchester, a similar situation may erupt for the Glazer family after last month’s Old Trafford protest. To see their city rivals gain a world class striker, improving their already incredible team, Man United fans may not stomach this for long. There has also been fear that players such as Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba and even Marcus Rashford (in an interview today showed his admiration for Real Madrid and Barcelona) may leave if the club do not show more ambition.

Yet, all we can conclude in May is that we are all in for a rollercoaster of a summer. Known as a quiet and respectful character, Kane has expressed his desire to finish this drama before the Euros are over. This seems extremely unlikely, but the pieces have already started moving in this game and we shall have to see which players, owners and clubs have been outplayed by the start of the 2021/22 season.

Harry Kane Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea
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