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A quick look at Kane’s current character


What happened to Kane

Kane is a character that every wrestling fan knows very well but lately he’s not really been the Kane that everybody has come to know and respect. Since teaming with Daniel Bryan he’s been portrayed as a softer character that could easily fit into an episode of Barney & Friends.

When Kane was introduced to the WWE he was introduced as the devil’s favourite demon, a wrestler who took no prisoners and enjoyed torturing anything that he could get his hands on.

These days he has been toned down which is understandable however he has been toned down too much.

When looking at Kane’s character he should come across as somebody that every on-screen character fears and somebody that acts of the devil’s accord however he is a character that isn’t nearly as fearsome as he could be.

He is more of a caged animal than a demon who sits by waiting for the authority to issue an order before he acts. Kane is still a five letter word but demon is not the word that describes it.

That doesn’t mean to say that Kane should go back to the character that burns people because he can but he definitely shouldn’t be a character who shows his demonic nature at Stephanie McMahon’s insistence.

Stephanie sticks Kane on Brad Maddox:

The above clip doesn’t do too much good for Kane’s character but of course there’s the possibility that things will change in the coming weeks.

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