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A Review of Top Teams’ Progress at the Rugby World Cup

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The Rugby World Cup is currently taking place, and the majority of the teams have already played against their rivals in their respective pools. The two best teams in each pool are going to proceed to the quarter-finals to face the best from other pools.

The latest news is that the usual champions like New Zealand are already doing well. The newbies in the Rugby World Cup like Namibia have been smashed, although it was a big achievement getting this far. If you are a rugby fan, you will want to know the performance of the top teams up to this point.


The team has already shaped their own destiny after defeating Tonga, the USA and the other two teams in their group. Now, they are headed to the quarter-finals, and there is a major likelihood that they are going to penetrate through to semis. After dealing with all the hurdles along their way, they are now going to face the other best performers including New Zealand and Japan. We can only wait for the results to know their fate.

New Zealand

It is no surprise that these warriors have made it this far. They have been scooping up rugby awards in many categories all over the world. This time, they have already defeated South Africa and their neighbors, Namibia. Canada has also bowed to them, and now it is time to wait and see if they are going to make it to the finals.

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South Africa

Although they came second after New Zealand in their pool, the South Africans have done well on Japanese soil, where the Rugby World Cup is being held. Right now, they are headed for the quarter-finals, and they have to work hard to grab a position in the semis. According to their coach, their success is built on a well-planned diet that gives them enough strength just like excellent enhancement gear from Valkyrie Online. Their exercise routine is also top notch. They have trained thoroughly and are optimistic about winning.


Who could have imagined that Japan could defeat Samoa and the Russians this early? They did, and now they are heading for the quarters. It is their first time to come this far, but we all understand that they are the hosts and that they must give it all their effort. In fact, they started very well and beat Russia 30–10 at the beginning of the match.


After defeating Georgia in their opener, Wales caught the momentum of winning, and it looks like they are not looking back. Fiji, which is a known champion in rugby, and Australia also followed suit when they were put together with the team. The Welsh coach is optimistic that the Welsh team will go past quarters, semis and finals to take home the trophy.

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Even the other teams that came second in their respective pools remain confident about winning in the matches. The entire world is waiting to see who will take the trophy home. Will it be Japan, the hosts, or any other team?

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