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Our Aim?

Our mission is to bring you the latest news from around the World in Sport. We are an online publishing website which gives a platform to users from around the world to give their opinion on the latest dealings in sport and publish their content freely.

World in Sport was setup in 2010 to bring together like-minded people, help them connect with each other and share knowledge with the ultimate goal to enable the future of sports journalism to flourish in the digital age.

Who are we?

World in Sport is a fast-growing sports media brand guided by the interest of our followers and contributors. Our  journalists provide us with the latest cutting edge sports news and are highly active on social media platforms.

Although the main sports we cover are Boxing, Football Cricket, we also cover mosts sports from around the world, World in Sport intends to be your go-to online website which will constantly deliver sports news with fixtures, results, previews, match reports and opinions.

Writers Wanted

We are always on the lookout for news writers who have a passion to publish sports news online.

Join in and help us deliver the best sports media website!

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Our website contains compelling news content and has thousands of followers both on social media and visitors to this particular website. Advertising with us offers an exceptional opportunity to connect with specific sports audience from across the globe.

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