Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Why It Hasn’t Happened yet+How It Can Happen in 2021


Last Updated on 17 Sep 2021 1:35 pm (UK Time)

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook was mentioned for the first time in 2011 after Amir Khan unified his WBA (Super) Light Welterweight Title with Zab Judah’s IBF Belt and Brook was a still domestic level welterweight. There were lots of trash talking in 2012 after Khan suffered back to back defeats but by the end of 2012, there were emerging talks for a huge domestic blockbuster fight in 2013.

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook was even closer to taking place when Khan officially moved up to welterweight and boxed in Brook’s hometown of Sheffield. Doubts about the skill level of Brook would not last as Brook went to America and beat the undefeated WBC World Champion, Shawn Porter. Due to Khan conquering America and Brook’s US debut, Amir Khan vs Kell Brook went from a huge domestic clash to an international super-fight.

Despite this, both boxers were keen for a big money fight with Floyd Mayweather and losing again would ruin the chances of this so they were reluctant to fight each other. After the agreement between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather’s eventual retirement, both men would have to look elsewhere for major fights.

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Instead of competing against each other in a possible 1m+PPV Buys and Wembley sell-out fight, they moved up 2-weights to middleweight to take on Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin respectively with them both losing by knockout as a result and further harming the profile and validity of the mega-fight.

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Why and How It Still Can Happen

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook
Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Does it Need Saudi Arabian Purses to happen in 2021?

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook took a huge advancement when Khan signed a 3-fight deal with Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn in the hopes of making Amir Khan vs Kell Brook a reality. Khan then set a viewership record, for the biggest live audience on UK subscription television in boxing history which showed there was still vast interest.

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In 2019, Amir Khan vs Kell Brook was inevitable after 7 years of build-up until Khan opted to take less money for a harder fight against Terence Crawford; actively ducking a Kell Brook fight. Fast-forward to 2021 where both have taken losses to Terence Crawford, both are on the verge of retirement and both are seeking one last, big fight: Amir Khan vs Kell Brook is still a possibility.

The big factor in Amir Khan vs Kell Brook still happening is the money. The fight was once a 90,000 at Wembley 1m+PPV Buy fight but now no longer has the same interest and therefore will not make the same money. Khan vs Brook could take place in the Middle East and a big site fee from a country such as Saudi Arabia could trigger it in 2021

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Are we still interested?

Amir Khan Quits against Terence Crawford
Amir Khan Quits against Terence Crawford

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How much interest do we still have in Brook vs Khan? Brook-Khan is no longer a major international event and interest is now limited to the British public and hardcore boxing fans. Additionally, after both boxers losing at the elite level multiple times and the time that has gone since this was wanted by the fans, the interest of the British Public is now also not the same.

Brook vs Khan no longer sells 90,000 in a stadium, is it even a stadium fight? Khan vs Brook does half or less of the 90,000 and a maximum of 500,000 buys. It is not the same fight as it once was and they are both at the very end of their careers which means the fight is at a much lower skill level. It is a fight that is still interesting but not heavily anticipated or desired by many boxing fans.

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