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Lifelong sports fan. Lived on both the East and West Coasts, and have comfortably settled in California. Love the Bay Area and its sports teams, but still have a soft spot for the New York clubs. My favorite sports are football, baseball, and hockey. I am a proponent of soccer growth in America, and would love to see the U.S. host another World Cup.

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The New Age of Protesting: The Nonstop Coverage


It is refreshing to see LeBron James, amongst others, talking about modern events, and not only bringing awareness to issues, but pushing for change. Unfortunately, young people in this country have a tendency to know the politics. Perhaps the greatest gift that James and the other athletes doing this provide is the push for young people to become more involved. The only issue that I take from this is that it is difficult to separate the peaceful protesters from the …

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The Mini-Story Spectacular, October Edition

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So, instead of doing a whole bunch of writing about one topic, I’m taking the lazy option and doing smaller pieces about many different stories. The topics today include: Joe Maddon, Peyton Manning, Steve Nash, and the World Series in the grand scheme of things. Joe Maddon leaves the Tampa Bay Rays; no one blames him Lost in the World Series coverage is this gem of a story: Joe Maddon had an option to leave the Rays, without penalty or …

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How the Giants won game four, and what comes next


The San Francisco Giants won game four of the World Series by playing the game that they should play. Until the sixth inning of the game the Giants made the mistake of playing the game that the Kansas City Royals were playing. Suddenly the Giants began playing the game as they were meant to play it: getting man on base, scoring by any means necessary, and strong, sound defense that prevented the Royals from getting any more runs. If this …

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Great Teams Make Rivalries Better


I was out getting a coffee and the barista commented on my 49ers shirt; she mentioned that while she’s a Seattle Seahawks fan, she actually roots for the Niners because it makes the rivalry, now one of the hottest in the NFL, better; it is a match-up of two great teams, instead of a one-sided slaughter by a great team against an average or bad team. I mentioned the NFC Championship game last year, and referenced something my friend and …

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Why The Eagles Reinvigorated The 49ers


The Eagles-49ers game on Sunday was not what anyone had in mind. The 49ers had blasted opponents in the first half, only to give up tons of points and two games in the second half; that was their M.O. in the first three weeks. Meanwhile, the Eagles had a tendency to explode in the second half, staging magnificent comebacks, and entering week 4 undefeated. It seemed like the script for this game was all set. Unfortunately, no one told the …

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The New Age of American Sports: Part II: The NBA and MLB

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The NFL has been in the news last week for all the wrong reasons, but having discussed that, let’s move on to the NBA and Major League Baseball. So, I bet you’re wondering where I’m going with this; am I going to harp on the Atlanta Hawks situation? A bit, but I’m going to go into the world the NBA resides in, as well as issues plaguing MLB players and teams. Firstly, and obviously, the Atlanta Hawks situation; I just …

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The New Age of North American Sports: Part I: The NFL


Bill Maher, on his show Real Time with Bill Maher, recently said, in the immediate wake of TMZ releasing the Donald Sterling tapes, that TMZ, and by logical extension other sites like Deadspin, are more dangerous than the NSA. They have a longer reach than anyone is aware of, are more willing to release them, and are driven to dig deeper and deeper. TMZ has sunk Donald Sterling, Ray Rice; Deadspin has sunk Sean Salisbury (formerly of ESPN) among others; and there …

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