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An Overview of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA - Joaquin Buckley Kick

Dissecting the World of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA is a full-contact combat sport. Inertia. Anyone that’s ever come too a sudden stop understands. The human head really likes to stay in place. It’s part of a fighter’s job to stop that tendency. Inertia proves momentum isn’t necessary to get a knockout. Yes hitting an opponent on the way in will produce great results but a stationary opponent can work too. Hip torque and gravity helped …

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A Look At The Great Anderson Silva (“The Spider”)

A Look at Anderson Silva The Spider

Anderson Silva – The Spider What can be said about Anderson Silva (34-10-0) everyone doesn’t already know? A knock out machine? Been done. A submission guru? Well known. The ability to strategize and pick angles is possibly the strongest point in his fight game. Looking back on his first fight with the toughest opponent anyone could have faced in Chael Sonnen – Anderson Silva was in trouble. The counter striker kept getting countered. Silva had to cover ground to win …

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