Drew James

A huge sports fan all of my life, I'm an English major at UNC Greensboro and follow the NBA closest of all sports. My favorite teams are the San Antonio Spurs, Kansas City Royals, and Chicago Bears, and if I tried to explain how all of that happened it would take a full article.

Why Rose Must Rise

On Halloween, Bulls fans had a huge scare. Derrick Rose got up on to his feet and immediately started limping, a scene just a little too reminiscent of his previous knee injuries. You could audibly hear fans yelling “NO!” through the TV. Thankfully, Rose only rolled an ankle. But what...

Here Comes the Brow

He’s known for the thick, black, caterpillar-looking monster that rides his forehead. But while he’s making a name for himself, we seem to have condemned him to a star-in-the-making label rather than a Superstar. Last year, he averaged 20.8 points per game to go with 10.8 rebounds and 2.8...

What the Royals Mean to Baseball

In 2012, when the Royals farm system was widely accepted as the most promising in all of baseball, Ned Yost used to hear from his opposing coaches how happy they were that his Royals were on the rise. He would always complain about their praise, saying “I want teams...
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