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George Best – Playboy of the Western World

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The career of George Best, soccer’s first playboy superstar, epitomizes all the contradictions of the 1960s. From glorious and creative free expression to dissolution, Best was a poster child for all the good and the bad that decade came to represent. Born soon after the end of World War Two into a Protestant working-class family in Belfast, Northern Ireland. George Best soon showed a remarkable talent for soccer. Although academically smart, his only true passion was for the ball at …

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George Foreman – Big George

Big George Foreman

George Foreman – Big George George Foreman was born in Marshall, Texas on January 22 in 1948 to a railroad construction worker and his wife, George Foreman (76-5, 68 KO’s) was the fifth of seven children and grew up in the Fifth Ward, Houston, Texas. Foreman had six siblings and spent most of his early youth in trouble. Although his biological father was Leroy Moorehead, he was raised by J.D. Foreman who had been married to his mother when George …

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Big George Foreman

Rocky Marciano – The Brockton Blockbuster

Rocky Marciano

A product of the Army and amateur ranks, Rocky Marciano was born on September 1, 1923. He takes his place alongside Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis as one of the great heavyweights. Rocky Marciano was born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, to parents who were immigrants from Italy: when he was about eighteen months old, Rocky Marciano got pneumonia, from which he almost died. When Rocky Marciano grew up he worked as a chute man on delivery trucks for the …

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Rocky Marciano

History of the Great Joe Louis | The Brown Bomber

Joe Louis

The era of the Brown Bomber, Joe Louis was one of the greatest and most colourful boxers to grace the sport. Only Jack Dempsey since the gloves era got underway compared to him in popularity and ability. This Alabama born boxer who first saw the light of day on May 13th, 1914 and whose father, “Mun” Barrow, was a cotton picker, was a pugilistic symphony with a tempo geared to bring him across the ring with all the grace of …

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Joe Louis

The Greatest Chins in Boxing History

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In Boxing, you would have to endure punches that would make a mortal man crumble. But these fighters are not just mere men. They are legends! Some very strong men with herculean strength have graced the ring in the past. They were able to take punches that would make an opponent lose consciousness. Some fighters were scary tough when it comes to taking punches and quite a several them too. So, who had the greatest chin in the boxing history? …

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Jack Dempsey | The Manassa Mauler | Bio, Record, Fun & Facts

Jack Dempsey

In every sport star, there emerges one person who stands out so prominently that he is referred to as “The Idol.” Such as a man was Jack Dempsey in boxing. While in there tossing punches, he was one of the most spectacular heavyweights since John L Sullivan. Jack Dempsey was one of the toughest heavyweights in the world. He was born William Harrison Dempsey, in Manassa, Colorado, on 24th June 1895. He grew up in Colorado, West Virginia, and Utah, …

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Jack Dempsey

Guide to Choosing the Best Betting Apps

Guide To Choosing The Best Betting Apps

There are many casino betting apps available today for real money gaming. They can be swiftly downloaded, and they support an overwhelming number of mobile platforms. If you want to choose the best apps, this guide takes care of all you need to know. Providers with an exemplary reputation The first thing to consider is the casino app’s reputation. Choose a mobile betting app provider that you can trust because you would be spending money there. Confirm that the provider …

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Guide to Choosing the Best Betting Apps
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