Katy Frederick

Just a die-hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys with a passion for writing about it.

Why has the Romo Narrative changed?

  “Romo needs to retire.” “We should trade Romo for a defensive player.” “Romo had years to take us to the Super Bowl and he didn’t.” “He better not play, because if he goes down again, he could be seriously hurt.” “If you want Romo in the starting lineup, you are either an idiot,...

DeMarco Back to Dallas?

The former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, DeMarco Murray, is now a Philadelphia Eagle. And apparently he isn’t happy about it. NFL media insider Ian Rapoport has reported that Murray and the Eagles organization are heading toward a “stare-down” regarding his future with the team. Funny how things change,...

Life After Romo?

Look, I know. It’s not a thought that any of us want to entertain. But the franchise quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys is heading into year 36 of his life, and year 10 as a starter in the National Football League. Now, this is typically a topic of discussion for...
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