Savannah McCoy

Journalism student at the University of Georgia. Holds a long held love of football and baseball, but willing to write about anything sports-related. Also a little bit of a book-nerd.

Early Success by Manning Sparks the Broncos Victory over the Patriots

The Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots 20-18 to earn a trip to Super Bowl 50. This will be Peyton Manning's fourth trip to the Super Bowl, and possibly his final. The game will go down as a classic in the Manning v. Brady rivalry. For the first quarter, Manning...

Panthers Find Success on the Ground and with Defense

Before the season began, had someone said "The Panthers will be 8-0", they probably would have been laughed at. Yet, an undefeated Carolina Panthers team is what we have right now. Early in the season, fans could have excused the Panthers victories as the product of an easy schedule, beating...
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