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Benfica looking to regain it’s Championship form.


Benfica has been out of form recently.

Up until this point Bruno Lage’s tenure as Benfica coach has been a success story. Once he took over the team last season, they had a successful run of winning all of their remaining Liga NOS games besides one to win their 37th Portuguese Liga title.

This season the Eagles once again came out strong thrashing cross town rivals Sporting CP in the Super Cup 5-0. They continued with convincing victories in their next 2 matches but then the victory tour came to a halt as they were beat at home 2-0 by rival Porto at Estadio da Luz.

Benfica won the following four games but at that point had seemed to lose the mojo this team had become under Lage. The goals were not coming as frequent as before and the cohesion on the field was also noticeable in the following games.

In the International stage, the Champions League has been a disaster with losses to RB Liepzig and Zenit in it’s first two group matches.

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The duo of Seferovic and Raul de Thomas has not been as success as was expected and the signing of Vinicius proved to be worthy as he has scored 2 goals in the few appearances he has had on the field. The defending which has also been a strong point has also been shaky lately which was also not expected.

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Bruno Lage will have to find the right mixture of players and need to make better adjustments in game, if he wants  Benfica to get the opportunity to try and become back to back champions.

What starting 11 would you put on the field.

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