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Can Balotelli fill Suarez’s void?


The indiscernible story of Liverpool’s transfer window has been a guessing game throughout. The question of finding an apt replacement for Suarez has been asked time and again! Liverpool’s rumor mill has churned in and out numerous big names and Italian striker Mario Balotelli was one of them.

Suarez was undoubtedly the club’s finest talent and the driving force behind their commendable 2nd position last season. With the transfer of Balotelli to Liverpool for 16 million pounds raises an obvious question. The question is would he be a good fit for Liverpool as they look to replace Suarez’s pressing influence on the pitch?

The first point that springs up in mind when thinking of a replacement is the shocking number of goals he scored last season. The Premier League Player of the Season bagged 31 league goals in just 33 appearances during 2013/14, 10 more than his team-mate Daniel Sturridge. When compared, Balotelli’s score doesn’t stack up that well with him scoring 14 goals in 30 Serie A matches.

It is however, a healthy score. But the point is that Brendan Rodgers will not just be looking at the goal sheets. Suarez was undoubtedly relentless and supremely talented and the fire in his belly made him a star. Something that Balotelli has no less instead has it in abundance.

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Comparing the two would actually lead us nowhere in lieu of the fact that both are repositories of footballing talent. It all comes down to man management. Some of the finest managers in the business have tried to handle the Milan forward but have unfortunately been failed in their attempts.

But Rodgers is different!

He has found his own way of bringing out the best of players on the field. Suarez couldn’t have succeeded the way had he not received the sacred guidance and support of Brendan Rodgers in times of sheer crisis. He has his own formula of refining the players since taking over at Anfield, and while forcing Balotelli through his paces will be like taming a lion at times.

But Rogers undoubtedly holds the whip in his hands. Suarez after coming to Liverpool braced up fans all around the world with his footballing talent long after being in hot water.  What followed was a season that’ll go down in the Premier League history books forever, and if Rodgers can have that effect on a player with Suarez, then why can’t he do it again?

Balotelli’s talent clubbed with Rodger’s skills can bring the best out of Balotelli and results could also be devastating as the Italian is fearless on the goal front.

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Balotelli, the 24 year footballer has scores 26 goals since making his debut for AC Milan in 2013, which is a remarkable figure. Also, his finishing abilities haven’t ever been speculated.  Some journalists after his transfer joked that replacing Suarez is like replacing a toothache with a headache!

However that’s untrue. The fact that the man can score with either foot, his head or even his shoulder is what matters. Having a striker like him will definitely be worth for the Reds. In Balotelli, Sturridge will have a strike partner and it’s likely that there will be goals showering down once again.

With The team that Liverpool is, Balotelli too has a chance to go back to being a footballer, an idol rather than someone who the ‘gentlemen’ of the game look down upon. It’s a chance for him to get back his lost glory.

Replacing Suarez is no easy task but if Balotelli adopts the right approach and attitude both on and off field, along with guidance from Rodgers, there will be a time when fans would be asking ”Luis who?”

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