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Carl Froch happy for Groves rematch after Chavez Jr bout


Carl Froch have today has spoken out about a rematch with George Groves, but insists it isn’t his top priority, since Groves lost to Froch on November 23 he has campaigned for a rematch with the Cobra. Groves has even applied to IBF to try a force through a rematch on the grounds of the KO decision being unjust on his part.

WBA and IBF super-middleweight champion Froch retained his belts by stopping Groves in the ninth round of their British superfight.

Groves had Froch down in the first round and looked to have his cards marked, but the Cobra managed to fight back in the end, referee Howard Foster awarded Froch as the winner which many believed to be a premature stoppage.

Carl admits that he would like to face George Groves again, but insists he has many options. One option is fighting Julio Cesar Chavez Jr over in American on a pay-per-view event, which motivates Froch more than fighting Groves for a second time.

Froch says the fight with Chavez Jr is almost a done deal.

“The fight with Chavez Jr is one of the five options that I do have and that’s a fight that I can get motivated for, a fight that excites me,” Froch said.

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“Going over to America to fight in Las Vegas is something that all British pros with big aspirations to do big things in boxing (want to do).

“To be on a pay-per-view channel in America – very, very few British fighters have done that.

“So as an option for me, that is a realistic option and one that I’m very, very seriously considering. In fact, we’re closer to that happening than the George Groves fight.

“I will happily fight George Groves again, I’m happy to give him a return provided it makes sense and it’s realistic. It’s down to Eddie Hearn, my promoter, to make it happen and it’s down to George Groves to be realistic.”

Last month Froch seemed to dismiss the idea of a rematch with Groves but now says he may well take on the Londoner after going up against Chavez Jr, who is scheduled to fight Brian Vera on March 1.

He added: “If I’ve got two fights this year – and I usually do fight twice a year – one of those I think should be George Groves and one should be Chavez Jr.

“But probably not in that order, Chavez Jr is the next fight, the big fight that we’re closer to doing.

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“I spoke to my promoter Eddie Hearn yesterday and that fight is pretty much nailed-on as being done and I’m happy with it.”

Groves has tried everything in hopes of getting a rematch, appearing of various media outlets calling out Froch for their rematch.

Groves claimed that Carl doesn’t call the shots and that fighting George is only real option, here is what Froch had to say: “I’m bored of listening to his whingeing and moaning and cursing. You’ll find out I do actually call the shots – I’ve got two world titles and he’s not got any because I beat him and defended my titles.

“Another thing which was spoken about was options and he’s talking about all these options that he’s got – he’s got very, very few options, especially without those world titles.

“I’ve probably got five or six options, but I’ve narrowed them down with my promoter Eddie Hearn to probably two.”


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