5 Cool Reasons You Should Consider Collecting Baseball Cards

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Collecting baseball cards was a traditional activity that kids usually did. Initially, sports cards were distributed by tobacco companies in order to make more sales. Later, as baseball gained more popularity, companies started creating them and selling them individually. Today we can buy these cards from the market or eBay.

Divisional Series Major Takeaways

Mike Moustakas walkoff against the Rockies

Well, it began. The MLB Divisional Series began and there have been a lot of turns and twists so far. The Brewers are hitting everything, the Dodgers have the best rotation currently and the Red Sox still have bullpen woes. With that, here are my 3 takeaways from what I've

Playoff Baseball


Postseason baseball is here!!! All 163 games are done YES 163 games... at least for the Dodgers, Cubs, Brewers and Rockies. The MLB playoffs look better than ever. The Red Sox set a team record for 106 wins in a season. There are underdogs in the playoffs. So with that said; here are my predictions. In

MLB Mid Season Awards

Mid Season Awards

As teams go into the final weekend of the first half of the season in the MLB, here are the mid-season award winners in my eyes. American League Most Valuable Player - Mike Trout (CF) Los Angeles Angels It is simply amazing season after season in the MLB when we think we