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Chennai: Indian & English side not able to practice on a storm affected Chepauk stadium


The city of Chennai has been ravaged by the cyclone Vardah just 2 days before the start of the fifth and the final test between England and India of the Paytm series. India has won the series with an inaccessible lead of 3-0 and the visitors will be eager to end the series on a happy note by winning the final test at Chennai.

Chennai was already in a state of grief with the unexpected passing of Tamil Nadu’s chief minister J Jayalalitha just a week before the cyclone hit the city.

The two teams suffered due to this as both of were unable to do any match practice and will have to go into the match without much of it on Friday, 16th of this month. The city is in pretty much of mess that Chief Minister O Panneerselvam  has asked Narendra Modi’s government for a package of 1000 crore to recover from the national disaster.

The storm has damaged the side screen, have affected the air conditioners and also have displaced the bulbs of the flood lights but the silver lining is that the pitch and the outfield mostly remained unaffected.

“The assuring part is that the pitch and the outfield have not been affected by the cyclone. But sightscreen has been damaged. The bulbs have blown off, air conditioners damaged. There have been hundreds of tree trunks lying in the road leading up to the stadium. “Our challenge is to set everything in order in the next two days. I am confident we will be able to set everything right,” Tamil Nadu cricket association secretary Kasi Viswanthan told to PTI on Tuesday.

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Staff trying to dry the pitch at Chepauk with coals

England would be playing for its pride and would be looking to capitalize on the last chance with the help of its fast bowlers as now the pitch will be giving some assistance to the pacers as it is covered from the last two days.

India on the other side will be going in with a lot of confidence due to their current performance in this series. India will look to payback the 4-0 defeat to England which they have received in the earlier tur against the English side. Wriddhiman Saha and Mohammad Shami have still not recovered from the injury and will not be a part of the final eleven for the last test.

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