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Chris Tremlett: Kevin Pietersen was just ‘voicing his opinion’

Chris Tremlett unsure why KP was sacked
Chris Tremlett unsure why KP was sacked

Chris Tremlett believes something more must have gone on for Kevin Pietersen to have been sacked from the England cricket team, the fast bowler insists that he only saw the batsman “voicing his opinion” and surely that wouldn’t be a good enough reason to remove England’s talisman.

Back in February The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) removed Pietersen from the England setup after the 5-0 whitewash Ashes series and concluded that they would be moving on without the South-African born batsman.

England captain Alastair Cook and managing director of England cricket Paul Downton are tied to confidentiality agreements while Andy Flower, who resigned as team director before Pietersen was dropped last spoke in public at the end of the Ashes series in early January.

Tremlett feels that his Surrey team-mate will be a big void for England to fill and that it would prove hard to replace such a talented player, the ECB have been reluctant to release details as to why they removed Pietersen and what excatly went on in Australia.

Chris Tremlett has offered his full support for Pietersen, he suggests that his county team-mate is only guilty of speaking his mind and being honest about his team.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Chirs Tremlett said; “From what I saw, he did not do anything wrong apart from voicing his opinion of what was wrong and going on. I am sure there is more to it than meets the eye.”

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“There are different relationships with different people at the ECB and he has had other instances in the past and it looks like they just wanted to move on and try new players, which is their call but it is a great loss not just for England but for the world game.

“We had some honest chats out there. Kevin is a pretty honest character and when times are tough some people find it hard to express themselves but Kevin is not one of those people. He is not afraid to say what is going on and tell it how it is.

“Personally I prefer to be around people who say it how it is. I played at Hampshire with Shane Warne and he is a pretty blunt guy and there is no beating around the bush with those characters.

“If things are black and white they will say so. I don’t know whether he has been shot down for that but it is a shame he is not playing anymore.”

Tremlett went on to add that the tour of Australia was a “a disaster” and believes it couldn’t of gone any worse.

“It as the most disjointed tour I have been on and it could not have gone any worse, particularly compared to three years before,” he said. “It was a disaster really and I was quite grateful to leave at the end of it.”

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