Current Top 10 P4P Rankings

The very definition of the pound for pound rankings accepts that the idea is limited, though they use the word subjective.

Personally I like to look at overall ability rather than current ranking within the weight class, opponents beaten or being particularly brilliant in one area over others.

It is for this reason that my ten below tends to favor fighters that I feel have a more complete skill set than others. Fundamentally I like fighters that can hit opponents and tend to not get hit.

There are of course exceptions to the rule, Carl Froch is a notable exception to this rule, the guy gets hit a lot but given that he has an iron chin and heavy hands, who can blame him.

Here are the fighters I rank in the top ten at the moment.

I should also point out that fighters like Leo Santa Cruz, Erislandy Lara, Gennady Golovkin and whoever turns out to be the best at light heavyweight are close to the top 10 and could easily make a move, ditto the rejuvenated Miguel Cotto.

10) Mikey Garcia

Practically bursting out of super featherweight Garcia may have been tagged hard and dropped in his last two fights but his unblemished record is deceptively good even at the age of 26.

He hits very hard and has a supreme temperament. Once he moves up in weight he will surely only add to his glittering career.

In five years, Mikey could well be number one on this list.

9) Roman Gonzalez

Hopefully we get to see the flyweight star take on ring rated champion Akira Yaegashi so we can settle who really is the champion of the little guys.

Common knowledge seems to dictate that Roman is the one to do the business and given only 6 opponents of his 39 have lasted the distance it is hard to look past the Nicaraguan.

8) Juan Manuel Marquez

Juan Manuel Marquez during his fight with Manny Pacquiao

The future hall of famer bounced back from defeat to Tim Bradley with a convincing win over Mike Alvarado. He may be on the wane but a knockout victory over Manny Pacquaio last year keeps him very relevant until he loses but at the moment he is still to be respected.

7) Canelo Alvarez

His skills are downplayed a little as he tends to look one-dimensional when he plants his feet but he has excellent head movement coupled with brilliant combination punching.

His fight with Lara will be a genuine tester and if he comes out with a victory he will cement his current status as one of the PPV stars of current boxing. Oh and he is only 23 for crying out loud.

6) Timothy Bradley

Frankly his recent loss to Manny should have been his second but aside from these two fights his career has been excellent. He has very good work rate, movement, and even found a way to dismantle Juan Marquez with relative ease.

He may be unorthodox but the kid has talent and an enormous heart.

5) Wladimir Klitschko

It is easy to criticize big Wlad but he has been so dominant over the past decade it is hard to not respect his skills.

Wladimir Klitschko is still dominating the heavyweight division

Despite fighting seemingly overmatched opponents for what seems like forever, he is still towards the top end of the pecking order in p4p terms due to his almost perfect conditioning, lethal right hand and almost unfair physicality.

4) Manny Pacquiao

If he had just managed to avoid THAT right hand and got his deserved points victory over Tim Bradley surely we would have the super fight with Floyd but he didn’t avoid it and he did lose so Manny had to go back to basics.

Manny Pacquiao gained revenge over Timothy Bradley

An easy win over Rios was followed by another over Bradley in the rematch and suddenly we have our Manny back. He may not quite have the killer instinct of old but his foot movement is amazing, still has great power and is a superstar for a reason. Enjoy him while he lasts, he may not be here for long.

3) Guillermo Rigondeaux

Now he has only 13 professional fights and one big victory but lets take this on face value. Nonito Donaire was everyone’s favorite for three years as he decimated his way through the ranks only to be stopped but the much more talented though duller Cuban.

Rigo will not get big fights anytime soon but if he can get Leo Santa Cruz in the ring he will dismantle him and showcase that extremely talented skill set where he tends to barely get hit and tends to find his target. If he can up his offence then he has a legitimate case to be rated at 2 or even test the number 1 spot.

2) Andre Ward

Andre Ward has fought Chad Dawson, Carl Froch, Athur Abraham, Mikkell Kessler and Sakio Bika.

Andre Ward is still undefeated

Quite frankly he not only won those fights but was rarely tested. He has described his craft of working really hard and making what is in face very difficult look incredibly easy.

Ward is supreme, he of course does suffer from the same problems that Rigo and our boy at number one face, that he tends to be boring. He is of course, for the initiated, a joy to watch. If Froch actually gets the chance to take him on again, then he will surely cement his legacy without even going up in weight where his skills will surely be showcased yet again. Hopkins anyone?

1) Floyd Mayweather

I mean, come on, there isn’t an argument here really. Floyd is basically the best of Ward and Rigo combined. His defense is borderline perfect and his offence is so accurate that even the unflappable Canelo practically gave up.

Maidana was a threat throwing unconventional punches and at a rate not seen since his fight with Collazo. Floyd won handily, as he always does and will continue to do so. He will retire unbeaten surely, no-one can match Floyd, certainly not in this generation or possibly ever.

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