Daniel Ricciardo’s F1 Return Uncertain Post ‘Successful Surgery’

Ambiguity Clouds Daniel Ricciardo's Formula 1 Comeback Date.

Following a surgical intervention on Sunday for a hand injury. Daniel Ricciardo will be absent from the upcoming Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

The setback occurred as Ricciardo sustained a fracture in his left hand. A development that comes in only his third event since his return to Formula 1 in July

Daniel Ricciardo has undergone a surgical procedure to address a fracture in his hand and will consequently be absent from the upcoming Italian Grand Prix.

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The unfortunate incident occurred during the second practice session at the Dutch Grand Prix. Daniel Ricciardo’s vehicle collided with the barriers at Turn 3 on Friday.

The impact led to a metacarpal fracture in his left hand, attributed to the abrupt movement of the steering wheel upon impact.

Liam Lawson stepped in to take Ricciardo’s place for the remainder of the Zandvoort weekend. He is now set to assume the driving duties once again for the upcoming Italian Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo on his surgery

Daniel Ricciardo shared an update on his situation via Instagram, stating, “Hey everyone. Had surgery this morning, got my first bit of metal work so that’s pretty cool.

Big thanks to everyone who reached out and kept my spirits up. This ain’t a setback, just all part of the comeback.”

The procedure was deemed successful, despite the multiple fractures in the bone.

Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull Racing, provided further insight into Daniel Ricciardo’s condition. He confirmed that the surgery, which took place on Sunday, involved the insertion of screws and a plate to mend the fractured metacarpal.

Horner noted that while recovery for a typical individual might take several months. The timeline could be expedited for a professional Grand Prix driver. Nevertheless, Ricciardo’s participation in the Italian Grand Prix was ruled out.

Horner: Lawson demonstrated exceptional dedication

Ricciardo’s absence has created an opportunity for Liam Lawson to showcase his abilities on the track.

Uncertainty has loomed over the lineup for AlphaTauri in the upcoming season, and the speculation regarding Sergio Perez’s future has added to this uncertainty.

Lawson was previously a participant in Formula 3 and Formula 2. He has been actively engaged in the Super Formula Championship in Japan this year.

His performance has been commendable. Securing the second position in the standings as the season approaches its culmination with a double-header event in Suzuka in October.

Although Lawson has had prior experience driving in Formula 1 practice sessions for both Red Bull and AlphaTauri in 2022. He has not had the chance to drive an F1 car this year.

His debut was characterized by challenging conditions, including a mix of wet and dry track surfaces.

Notably, he finished in 13th place, ahead of his AlphaTauri teammate Yuki Tsunoda.

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The race’s final 10 laps were particularly intense due to the weather conditions. Lawson managed to overtake Max Verstappen during his out lap as Verstappen transitioned to intermediate tires.

Given Lawson’s limited experience and the complex circumstances, Horner praised his performance, remarking that Lawson adapted well and showcased remarkable driving skills.

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