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David Haye still unsure of boxing future


Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye is still uncertain whether he will be able to return to ring again, the 33-year-old’s boxing career was thrown in jeopardy when he underwent a five-hour operation in November with reconstructive shoulder surgery to repair severely ruptured tendons in his right arm.

The Bermondsey-born fighter was forced to withdraw from his grudge match fight against Tyson Fury, this was second time Haye was forced to pull out of a fight against Fury.

There is no timescale on when the Hayemaker could return to the ring, it’s all down to rehabilitation and getting the right treatment.

He said: “You talk to 10 doctors, 50 per cent say you can make a recovery and 50 per cent say, ‘no you’re done, you’ll never be able to throw a punch again otherwise your arm will fall out of its socket’.

“It’s just down to how the rehab takes, I’m doing that every day, I’m doing the best I can. No one knows how long it’s going to take, no one knows how it’s going to heal.

“At the moment I can’t throw a punch, so hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to throw one, but you never know.

“I can’t say 100 per cent yes or 100 per cent no, I’m just taking every day at a time. I won’t know anything for a good few months yet. My shoulder’s bad enough that I can’t even run yet.

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“That shows you how far away I am from being able to punch. It’s going to take a little while, but I’m working hard on the rehab.

“I’ve just got to be patient and keep a low profile, and when I do have news, good or bad, I’ll let everyone know. Best-case scenario my arm gets back and it’s just as good as it was before it busted.

“And then I think I’ve got a lot left I believe, I think I’ve got a few more good fights left in me, if this arm can get back on track.”

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