Dean Ambrose Could Be The Future

Dean Ambrose

WWE hasn’t had a lot of good things going for it this year. Batista returned for a run that was ruined as soon as he won the Royal Rumble, CM Punk quit on the day after the Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan, the most over wrestler on the roster got injured in may and nobody has any idea of when he’ll be back, the WWE network lost Vince McMahon and the WWE millions of dollars, which incidentally led to the release of 11 superstars in one day.

The shield broke up and Roman Reigns who is the chosen one got injured which leaves WWE without a superstar to push to the main event for the future.

After the disasters that have befallen WWE this year, the average fan would think that there’s nothing to look forward to at this point in time as these untimely departures mean that fans can only be treated to more (you guessed it!) John Cena. There is a light at the end of tunnel and that is Dean Ambrose. Since the shield disbanded Ambrose has gone on to become one of the biggest babyfaces that WWE has, only being succeeded by Daniel Bryan in terms of popularity.

Dean Ambrose’s unique character as well as his charisma has ensured that every week WWE produces something that is worth watching even if it’s only for 20 minutes, and at this point WWE need Dean Ambrose to keep producing entertaining television until WWE gets some of its bigger stars back. There is more to the equation than Dean Ambrose simply being used as a device to pacify the audience, he can become a huge player in the main event scene for years to come.

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Ambrose receives the hugest pop week in, week out which only shows how strong his connection with the audience is and he was sorely missed when he left WWE programming last month to go and shoot for an upcoming film. Dean Ambrose’s feud with Seth Rollins has definitely been one of the brighter points of WWE’s programming over the past few months and when Seth Rollins curb stomped him through a pile of cinderblocks in order to allow him to leave, it was very clear that WWE’s creative team had no idea on how to proceed forward with their programming. This was clearly shown when a later episode of Monday Night Raw had the bella twins feud as a focal point, and it was a God-awful episode.

Presumably Dean Ambrose won’t reach the main event until Roman Reigns reaches that point but as soon as that happens it would be a smart idea to have Ambrose follow as he possesses the ability to work the mic as well as produce good matches, something that is incredibly rare in the WWE. Ambrose has shown great versatility in his time with WWE, he played the heel role very well with the shield and whilst everything about his character says he should be a heel, he has flourished as a babyface. Nearly two years after debuting on the main roster Dean Ambrose has already become one of the most noticeable faces on WWE television and he’s only 28 years old, which shows that he can contribute to WWE for a long time.

Should WWE use Dean Ambrose to help in spearheading the future of the company then WWE fans can have a lot to look forward too in the future.

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