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Destiny Udogie Will Shine Over Racism. #SayNoToRacism


Destiny Udogie, of Tottenham Hotspur FC, was the target of racist abuse, after their victory over Liverpool FC last Saturday. His Italian citizenship is not in doubt despite his parents’ Nigerian heritage.

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Tottenham’s victory over Liverpool FC dominated media sports channels because of the controversial VAR-disallowed goal and the two red cards shown to two Liverpool players. The abuse took place online but could not destroy the joy of Tottenham’s hard-fought victory against their rivals.

Destiny Udogie suffers racist abuse after Liverpool match

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Diogo Jota got a red card for his tackle on Destiny Udogie but this has been disputed by the Liverpool supporters. The abuse against Udogie resulted from how the red card contributed to Liverpool’s loss. The referee decided to give Jota a card and not Udogie’s.  In June 2020, Premier League players jointly agreed to take the kneel in support of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement which started in the USA over the gruesome murder of George Floyd.

Tottenham Hotspur FC immediately condemned the act, thus;

 “We are disgusted at the racist messages directed towards Destiny Udogie social media following Saturday’s game against Liverpool.

“We stand with you, Destiny.”

and their counterparts; Liverpool FC did the same to register their support for Destiny Udogie.

Racism must be condemned

Racism must be stopped. For over a century, societal evolution has ensured that people of all races bond rather than divide. The fight against apartheid in South Africa and universal suffrage in the United States took place to unite, rather than divide society. Society needs to move forward and positively so!

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Destiny Udogie’s career has improved from last season and the same effort is necessary to improve the manners of these spiteful and uninformed racists. We expect the relevant authorities to muster every measure to identify and punish the perpetrators to prevent a reoccurrence.

He has played the entire seven matches of the 2023/24 English Premier League. Udogie was called up to the Italian national football team during the last international break last month but excused himself due to flu.

The rise of destiny udogie as a footballer

Udogie’s rise to football stardom has been swift. He made his senior debut for Verona in 2020 and joined Udinese the next year. In 2022, Tottenham Hotspur FC signed Destiny Udogie and loaned him back to Udinese.

He remains a calm, disciplined, and extraordinary attack-minded player in the mould of his countrymen, Marcelo, Paulo Maldini, and Roberto Carlos. Destiny Udogie has played for all grades of the Italian national football team and the actions of hate by few individuals can never undermine his positive attributes.

#stop Racist abuse against Destiny Udogie and others

In June 2023, the Spanish government punished seven people identified over their racist abuse of Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior. Samuel Eto, Mario Balotelli, Romano Lukaku, and many others have suffered racist abuse and yet it remains.

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People who perpetrate any racist slur must be brought to book. To do otherwise is destructive to strengthen the perpetrators whilst destroying society.



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  1. Little minds never grow up! Racism, like apartheid must stop. Destiny Udogie would certainly soar above this!

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