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Did AP ruin his chances of playing this season… or ever?

Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson Unlikely To Play This Season

Child abuse, sex parties, marijuana; no, I’m not talking about the next season of Penny Dreadful, or a sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m talking about the recent media whirlwind surrounding Adrian Peterson, the ‘exempt’, but unofficially suspended with pay, embattled Minnesota Vikings running back, whose recent misadventures prompted me to do the unthinkable and drop him from my fantasy team this week, since it’s obvious he ain’t going to be back this season. However, that is far from the major issues here.

Actually, wait, not entirely. Fantasy sports is nothing compared with the issues at hand here, but when thinking about AP from strictly a fan’s prospective, one cannot help but look at him as someone lacking that bit of intelligence to know when to surrender to reality and do what is actually best for you, not try to salvage the situation with a desperation thicker than traffic on the Long Island Expressway in New York. I understand that he wants the ability that everyone else has: let the trial commence, get a gauge on how bad or good your chances are, and then decide on a plea deal.

Yes, people who don’t make over $10M a year have that right, and technically he does too, but that’s besides the point: there are people who, incorrectly in my opinion but everyone is entitled to their own, are willing to eventually forgive Ray Rice, and AP can have a similar journey too if he gets out of this mess as soon as possible. Actually, since he’s still on the Vikings, he’d be returning to a friendly place, with friendly fans. He could ask not to play road games when he initially comes back, and the Vikings would probably grant him that. However, he has to remove himself from the maelstrom first.

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Let’s review the situation: his trial won’t begin until November at the earliest, it will take at least a week, then assuming he is found not guilty, he will be given a six-week suspension for violation of the NFL’s domestic violence policy, since although he was on the ‘Commissioner’s exempt’ list, he was still being paid, and the NFL will use his suspension to show they are sincere about domestic violence; and that’s before he’s investigated for the admission of marijuana use, which could end his season.

The alternative: AP takes a plea now, accepts the six game ban, appeals the marijuana charge (with the NFL), and is completely free and clear to rebuild his image. He gets time and distance between himself and his scandal, he has time to resurrect his image, and he can deal with his legitimate personal issues, as he sees fit. He is apparently an example of someone who is not being properly advised on how to handle himself. Some people need to tell him that he is not going to receive due process in the court of public opinion, especially since few people, famous or otherwise, receive it.

Now, I recognize that in all likelihood, this article and its commentary will be passé within a few months, and if it is as you are reading this, I recommend you look up my future articles to see my follow-up. However, this is my recommendation for now: clear the legal hurdles, clear up your public image, deal with the NFL, and GET ALL THIS BEHIND YOU!!

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Thanks for reading, and keep watching the skies!!

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