Dillian Whyte to Restore Credibility?

Sometimes you don’t truly appreciate something until it’s gone – and things have an alarming habit of disappearing (unlike Live Casino Online) in an instant, a moment in time.

So it is with reputation – something that has taken years to build up can, overnight, vanish in to thin air.  As such, when a change for redemption, for a restoration of one’s credibility, appears then the best thing to do is to grab it by the metaphorical throat and don’t let go!

Right now, Dillian Whyte must be praying very hard.  What he wants is to finally get a shot at the heavyweight championship, something that alluded him so far.

However, Dillian Whyte has been guaranteed a shot at Tyson Fury’s WBC heavyweight title providing he comes through his fight against Alexander Povetkin this weekend, the Body Snatcher is risking everything by putting his mandatory position for the WBC strap on the line.

Playing the waiting game – tick tock, tick tock – has hindered his standing in the boxing world greatly, but as he gets himself ready for Saturday night, he is honest, pragmatic but determined.  He will need to be the latter for sure – the weekend’s confrontation with Alexander Povetkin is going to be brutal.  When many are asked to name an indomitable Russian iron man they don’t say Putin, they say Povetkin!

The fight has been billed as the battle of the left hook as both fighters carry some weight in their punches, Dillian Whyte will need to be in tip-top shape to see off his Russian counterpart.

Last year Whyte found himself all at sea in a canoe but with no paddle.  He was denied a  world title shot but even worse had a lengthy legal battle to try and prove his innocence about allegations made after drug tests.  When he fought Mariusz Wach he looked overweight and half asleep and only managed to win the bout by points when it should have been a walkover.

However, by his own admission that was a wake-up call.  It was now or never – time to take action or simply face a life of chilling in front of the latest box-set.  Off he went to a training camp in Portugal with many things on his mind – but coming out on top was first and foremost.  Now ready to literally take on the world he had recently indicated that he is determined to do a ‘proper job’ on Povetkin.  It certainly sounds like he is back to his old self.

He has also set out a challenge to persuade a certain someone that reputation is in fact a lot more important than a pile of money.  Commenting on Tyson’s upcoming decision to fight him or to give up his crown for Wembley Stadium showcases, he has this to say.  ‘I want to fight the best. ‘I hope Tyson will not duck me like a coward.’

Only time will tell but Whyte is certainly placing all his cards on the table and the players know that he is in it to win it.  You can love him or hate him, but right here, right now it is very, very difficult not to respect him.

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