Exclusive Interview with Undisputed Welterweight Champion Jessica McCaskill


Published on 1 Jul 2021 7:09 pm (UK Time)

Jessica McCaskill Upset the Boxing World on August 15 when she defied the odds to dethrone one of the best female fighters, Pound-For-Pound in history: 36-0 Undisputed Welterweight Champion Cecilia Braekhus. McCaskill outworked the champion over the 10-round championship distance and took home a majority decision win and all the belts in the process.

A second fight has been much anticipated but almost didn’t happen due to Cecilia Braekhus considering retirement, however, Braekhus has now decided that she wants to right the wrongs. Jessica McCaskill and Braekhus now have their rematch as chief support to Estrada Chocolatito 2; another historic rematch between pound-for-pound greats and hall-of-fame fighters.

Before McCaskill squares off with Braekhus on March 13, She found the time in her busy training camp to give World in Sport’s Chief Boxing Writer Darshan Desai an Exclusive Interview.

Jessica McCaskill: Exclusive Interview

Jessica McCaskill NO DAYS OFF Mentality.
Jessica McCaskill NO DAYS OFF Mentality.

How was the lockdown for you? Did it affect your training massively? Do you feel anything you did in that period gave you an advantage going into the first fight?

The lockdown was fine for Team Jessica McCaskill. If anything, it just gave us more time to tighten up any loose ends. We used that time very wisely and stayed focused.

How did you feel about getting to Headline a card on dazn? Fighting with no fans? Matchroom giving you the opportunity

I’ve headlined several times before. It’s nothing new to us. It’s a nice addition. Fighting with no fans was a different experience. I’m glad we had the opportunity to add that to our resume.

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Braekhus McCaskill Headlined on DAZN.
Braekhus McCaskill Headlined on DAZN.

Expand on how it felt to win the belts, create history and a legacy

Every time I fight I am looking to create history and make a huge change in the boxing world. That was a huge accomplishment for my team.

How is your situation now, Training, covid in your area etc? How has training camp been?

Our training never stops. Things are always the same. I try to be as safe as possible while also making myself available to the public.

Katie Taylor Outpointed Jessica McCaskill over 10 tough rounds in their first encounter
Katie Taylor Outpointed Jessica McCaskill over 10 tough rounds in their first encounter

You have fought at multiple weights from lightweight to super lightweight to welterweight, was it difficult to make lightweight? , could you still make that weight?

Weight is never an issue. We are always ahead of the game as far as where my weight should be. Any fight I have will be at 147

What do you feel you can do differently in a katie taylor rematch? Why will you win this time? Is there anything you have learnt or experienced that will help you?

I have learned so much over the years and I have sharpened my tools. Every time you fight a world champion fighter you learn something new and gain a better perspective. This has made me grow into a better fighter.

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Estrada vs Chocolatito Undercard
Jessica McCaskill Rematches Cecilia Braekhus on the Estrada vs Chocolatito II Undercard

Who do you want to fight if you win the rematch?

We are looking at a possible crossover fight – boxing with an MMA fighter.

Who is Jessica McCaskill’s Favourite Fighter to watch?

I have always loved watching Fernando Vargas. I also watch De La Hoya, Canelo, GGG.

Who is up and coming in your gym that we should look out for?

Professional Summer Lynn is always a name to look out for. We also have a heavyweight soon to debut. And as always we have a lot of amateurs.

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Summer Lynn.
Summer Lynn. 3-0 Professional.

Good Luck to you and Team Jessica McCaskill for March 13.

Special thanks to Trainer and Manager Rick Ramos for Making this possible.

Watch McCaskill Braekhus 2 on DAZN Worldwide.

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