Exclusive Interview With Manager Steve Goodwin: The Return of Small Hall Boxing


Published on 1 Jul 2021 7:20 pm (UK Time)

Steve Goodwin is one of the countries foremost promoters and managers. Goodwin Boxing is arguably the face of the small hall boxing scene. Due to the pandemic, Steve Goodwin has not been able to promote any shows since March 2020 and as a result, hundreds of boxers under his management have been unable to box and therefore unable to make any money.

Boxing has received ZERO funding from the government in their scheme to help sports. Boxing fans have been extremely disappointed about this as the sport in an amateur and small-hall professional level has come to a standstill with only the big promoters who have television deals able to continue doing shows and only a small percentage of boxers able to earn a living.

Steve Goodwin Opens up on this, life in lockdown and much more in this exclusive interview.

Steve Goodwin: Exclusive Interview

Manager and Promoter Steve Goodwin
Manager and Promoter Steve Goodwin
How have you dealt with lockdown and covid situation in your day to day life?
I run a financial services practice, and have done for 30 years, Goodwin Financial Services and this business has expanded and is doing really well. From a personal perspective, I am high risk and I have not been to the office since March 2020. I have been working remotely with Zoom meetings and was having meetings both boxing and financial in my back garden last summer (when we were permitted).
How has the recent introduction of tier 4/National Lockdown changed things for you?
Not affected me at all. I have been working remotely since March 2020.
How was the new Christmas compared to previous years? Was it difficult to adjust?
It is mind over matter. My father was in World war 2. We just have to protect ourselves and dodge the bullet until it becomes safe again. There will always be next Christmas.
What are your plans for new shows? How long do you think it will before the small hall scene can return?
Realistically it is looking like September is the earliest but we are totally dependent on the Government rollout of the vaccine and the effectiveness of them to combat variants.
Goodwin Boxing Show at York Hall Bethnal Green.
Goodwin Boxing Show at York Hall Bethnal Green.

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Is it possible that you can do a show without fans? What would it take to come to fruition?
No small hall promoter has the finances to do this.
If you were only allowed a percentage of a venue or limitation to crowds how would you go about staging a show?
With sponsorship only or a dinner show.
What is Happening with Deion Jumah, why did he pull out of the Billam Smith fight? When will we be able to see that fight rescheduled?
What are the plans for Linus Udofia going forward?
We are in a pandemic we cannot have plans when he is not signed to a major promoter as yet.
Top Prospect Linus Udofia Will be Targeting a Domestic (British/Commonwealth Title) title shot and will be eyeing the winner of the Felix Cash-Denzel Bentley unification recently ordered by the BBBofC.
Can you tell us how you got into boxing?
I promised my daughter to do a show with her. Editors Note: Full Storyhttp://www.boxingmonthly.com/stories/the-best-of-bm-2018-steve-goodwin-keeping-it-real/
Steve Goodwin Champion Tally
Steve Goodwin Champion Tally

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What made you so influential in the sport?
I didn’t know I was influential 😊
Can you give me a little background on how you select fighters that you sign?
I have to like them and have a bond with them, they have to have the ability that I believe will make them at least a southern Area champion.
What are the key attributes they require? Ticket Selling Ability, skill level, potential etc
All of these plus I have to like them. Does not matter how good they are if I don’t bond with them it is not any good.
Have you ever had an offer to or attempted to televise your events?
I have in the past. Eurosport and an old sky channel. Four of them.
Is this a way you can return with no crowds if the pandemic went on for another year?
No. Editor’s Note: Small Hall Boxing Needs Crowds to survive and currently has zero funding, putting the careers and lives of thousands of Boxers in the country at risk. If they don’t have any income they will leave boxing, and we will lose so much boxing talent.
Steve Goodwin Partnership with Get Set Go Sport
Steve Goodwin Partnership with Get Set Go Sport

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Can you elaborate on your new partnership with Get Set Go Sport? What is the concept, what does it do? How can we find out more?
Fury vs Joshua, who wins and how?
Fury by however he wants. Editors Note: Fury vs Joshua is one of the biggest fights in World Boxing. It Must Take Place in 2021. And At least One Fight Must Happen in the UK. Comment Your Opinion on Fury vs Joshua: Thread
Can you rank your pound for pound top fighters today? Who are your favourite to watch outside your own stable?
Teofimo Lopez is one that I highlighted three years ago. Think he is great. Tyson Fury is there in the UK and Terence Crawford has it all.
What is your message to everyone out there who needs some motivation and is struggling with the hard times?
Keep positive. It will improve and boxing will be bigger and better than ever. 
Where can we follow you for more updates?
Goodwin boxing YouTube channel we do Ring Talk every week (starting again Feb).
Editor’s Note: Steve Goodwin/ Goodwin Boxing Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUNUln_wN9CYTUZqmZ4twmw

Thank you to Steve Goodwin, World in Sport and Goodwin Boxing for allowing me the opportunity to ask Steve some questions.

Interview Conducted By Darshan Desai

Chief Boxing Writer, World in Sport

Stay Tuned for More Steve Goodwin/Goodwin Boxing Events: http://www.goodwinboxing.co.uk/event-list/


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