Five Sports Betting Strategies 2018

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Updated: Jan 22, 2018 12:13 pm

When making money becomes a challenge for you in sports betting, then think for a moment how other bettors win. All you need to know is the best sports betting strategy, and you can fly high. Follow this article to learn the five sure shot ways to win money in sports betting. Let the year 2018 begin for you with a winning note and cash flows into your account.

Sports Betting Strategy Fundamentals

You must be smart to check bookmaker review sites like Betenemy to know different bookmakers. The bookmaker review site will provide you with details about all the required information a bettor must know to win in sports betting. If you still think, it is not worth following this basic strategy, and then you become a “SQUARES” and let the sportsbooks make money and not you.

SQUARES – Bettor who does not want to follow the strategy and hence lose to the sportsbooks.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll is nothing but the money being kept aside for sports betting. Check the site Betenemy for several bankroll boosting options. When you can manage the bankroll correctly, then you will know how much you can lose. Do not overboard in betting to lose more money than you have allocated in the bankroll. This is an indication of what you will lose. Remember to place a bet anywhere between 1 and 5% of your bankroll. Understand this better with the example given below.

For an NFL season betting, you will allocate $1,000 in the bankroll. 1 and 5% betting indicates $10 to $50 bet on every NFL game. So you will know your winning amount and will not panic about the loss as it is within your limits.

Sober Betting Is Better Than A Tilt

You may think that this strategy makes no sense as it is the basics. But some people bet on any sport by getting influenced by several factors. Making a decision emotionally is more pronounced than sober decision making. Hence, make sure you go by gambling soberly and not on a tilt. Take a look at the bookmaker review site Betenemy to understand about sports betting and wisely bet on any sports.

Do Your Groundwork

Groundwork strategy is just not the best one for 2018 but for the years to come. It is always important to understand the details before you place a bet. Doing the homework and researching on different stats, reviews, trends, and past games can make you win money in sports betting.

Line Shopping

Shop for the best lines for achieving the title as a winning sports bettor. Create accounts with multiple sportsbooks and bet from the book that offers the best betting line. Betenemy, a bookmaker review site, will list all the online sportsbook, and you can create accounts with them.

Say No to Buying Points

Never get into the trap of underdogs up and buying favorites down. For instance, few bettors rely on buying NFL favorite like -3.5 down to -2.5. The sportsbooks know how to charge more juice to do this. Therefore, stay away from buying points.


Apart from the trending five tips, you must always abide by the oldest sports betting strategy and place betting on the home underdogs. In general, teams get attracted to play at home and do not fold. Make sure you follow the five effective strategies and win money in 2018. You can also understand many details once you start placing your hands on a bet. Use these tips to bet like a pro. Irrespective of you being an amateur or experienced bettor, these strategies will help you make huge money in sports betting.

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