Floyd Mayweather wants revenge for Broner against Maidana

There is less than two weeks to go until we see Floyd Mayweather (45-0, 26 KO’s) face Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31 KO’s) on May 3rd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Floyd witnessed the power that Maidana poses when he beat his friend Adrien Broner in December 2013.

Maidana showed a lot of heart in that fight, he rocked the American on a few occasions including in the first round. Mayweather will need to find a way 30-year-old’s raw power, Floyd’s WBC 147lb title will be on the line. Mayweather will need to use his foot work to move around the ring, something which Broner failed to do and the American must make it hard for him to be hit.

I don’t recall Marcos Maidana beating a defensive fighter, Mayweather is a master in defence and this should be interesting to see how Mayweather goes about avoiding Maidana’s power.

Floyd admitted that is not happy about how Maidana beat-up his friend Adrien Broner and wants to get revenge by taking Maidana to school for 12-rounds.

Floyd Mayweather said: “My opponent is tough,” speaking about Maidana. “That boy is a tough opponent. I’m just mad what he did to Adrien Broner. I’m upset, but I’ve got to stay focused. You got to fight your way [to the top rather than talk]. Adrien

Broner got out-hustled by Marcos Maidana. You can’t take nothing for granted.”

Floyd Mayweather Sr. said this about Broner: “He wants to talk his way to the top, but he can’t do it.”

Broner will be fighting on the undercard of Mayweather-Maidana against Carlos Molina in tune-up fight which will give Broner a some confidence before he returns to taking on the elite fighters in the light welterweight division.

Mayweather will be looking to step aside when Maidana comes forward and try to beat his opponent to the counter-punch, I don’t think Mayweather will be able to knockout Maidana, but we will see Floyd victorious on points.

Broner for some reason tried to slug it with a big puncher like Maidana, big mistake and I don’t think that Floyd will make that same error.

Adrien Broner against Marcos Maidana

Broner needed to use his footwork to keep him out of range of Maidana; this is something Floyd will correct being an excellent defensive fighter and master of the shoulder role, something Broner failed to do against Maidana.

This is be big factor in the fight whichwill get Mayweather the win to keep his 100% record intact.

[youtube id=”6tBIKPG4Oaw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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