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FOX PPV Spence Jr vs Garcia Live Reddit: Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Live Streaming Reddit38 min read

Fox Ppv Spence Jr Vs Garcia Live Reddit

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The boxing ring will have two big legends Spence Jr vs Garcia who are set to face each other over the Christmas weekend. The boxing fight is set to take place in California and it will be a charity match. The former heavyweight champion will take to the ring for one last time. One more legend from the bygone era Danny Garcia Jr will also take to the ring on 5th December.  

The venue for the bout is the Dignity Health Sports arena in Los Angeles and can be watched on PPV. Both the boxing legends are past their 50s and also not in their prime days. But this fight could be one of the biggest events of the year as it has both nostalgia and curiosity.

Tyson is a dreaded fighter and he will do anything to win over his opponents. He has a controversial past and has also been sentenced. While on the other has Jones is also no mean mug, he has had many memorable fights back in the day. Jones however last took part in a competitive fight in the year 2018 and Tyson last fought in 2004.

Fans are not permitted to watch the match at the venue and there is hardly any market for PPV to watch the match. Tyson’s representatives were in favor of hosting the match in the middle east. But there was hardly any interest.

  • Errol Spence Jr. -450 vs.Danny Garcia +350, WBC and IBF welterweight championship
  • Eduardo Ramirez -440 vs. Miguel Flores +340, featherweights
  • Sebastian Fundora vs. Habib Ahmed, super welterweights
  • Josesito Lopez -330 vs. Francisco Santana +260, welterweights
  • Isaac Avelar vs. Sakaria Lukas, super featherweights
  • Frank Martin vs. Tyron Luckey, lightweights
  • Fernando Garcia vs. Juan Tapia, featherweights
  • Burley Brooks vs. Marco Delgado, super middleweights
  • Vito Mielnicki Jr. vs. Steven Pulluaim, welterweights
Spence Vs Garcia Fox
Spence Vs Garcia Fox
EVENT Errol Spence Jr. vs. Danny Garcia
Date December 05, 2020
Venue Arlington, Texas
Start Time 7:00 pm ET
TV Network FOX Sports
Live Stream ON AIR before 30 minutes

Fight date for the Spence vs Garcia boxing match.

The boxing match will be held on Saturday the 5th of December and the venue will be the Arlington, Texas.

Time for the Spence vs Garcia boxing match.

6:00 PM local time is when the undercard fight will start which according to the UK is 2:00 AM. The main event will start between 4:00 AM to 5:00 PM UK time.

What are the rules for the Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Jr match?

Tyson and Jones will fight it out at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. Both the fighters will not wear any head protection in the match. Apart from that, both will take to the ring wearing gloves weighing 12-ounces. And the one who is successful to KO or a TKO the opponent will be the winner.

The fight will have no judges so the scoring of the match is out of contention. So technically there has to be a knock out somehow to decide the winner or if any fighter is declared unfit to continue the match.  

How to watch the Spence vs Garcia boxing match?

Spence Vs Garcia Live Online
Spence Vs Garcia Live Online

In spite of Foster saying that Spence vs Garcia is just a charity and not a real fight therefore it should not be glorified. But they are asking the public to watch the match by paying for the PPV. The charge to watch the match on PPV is $49.99on the traditional PPV channels and on Triller.

Fans can catch the live-action of the Spence vs Garcia match live on any VPN. The official channel has not yet been confirmed. The match will be telecasted on many social media channels as well as live streaming channels. Income will be collected on the basis of pay per view but there is still no confirmation of the official price.  

Triller is the latest social media channel to telecast the boxing match live. It is a competitor to Tik Tok and has managed to acquire the telecast right of the documentary series of the event. It is a 10-part series. According to reports it has been sold for a whopping $50millon for the telecast rights.

The involvement of Triller along with the involvement of the new “Legends Only League” by Tyson stick 2 quantities which are not known on a major stage along with an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has led some to think that there is a good chance the boxing match never actually takes place.

Televising of the Spence vs Garcia match.

It’s unfortunate that the fans in the UK might not be able to watch the Spence vs Garcia match on TV. As it will not be aired but they can watch the boxing match by live streaming on social media instead.

Live coverage of the Spence vs Garcia match in the US

Fans in the US can watch the Spence vs Garcia match on ESPN+ PPV or PPV bought from the Fox Sports app. But the telecast rights are a little more complicated than they actually are.

You will have to get access to either the ESPN or Fox Sports 1. You can access any of the two with a free trial period to the following channels:

Spence Vs Garcia Live
Spence Vs Garcia Live
  • Sling TV
  • AT&T TV now
  • Hulu With Live TV
  • Vidgo
  • Youtube TV

Live coverage of the Spence vs Garcia match in the UK

For the fans in the UK, the Spence vs Garcia boxing match can be watched on BT sports. It is the go-to option for them. Watching the channel will cost them about £24.95 via the BT sports Box office.

Live coverage of the Spence vs Garcia match in Australia

Boxing fans in Australia can tune in to the Main Event to watch the Live coverage of the Spence vs Garcia match. You can buy the PPV access via the Main Event at just $49.99 AUD.

Live coverage of the Spence vs Garcia match in Canada

Fans in Canada will be disappointed to learn that there are no options to telecast the boxing match. So, the best options are free to air channels or the DAZN. The channel has a free trial period of 7 days in Canada. To watch the entire fight just connect to the Italy server.

Watch the Spence vs Garcia Boxing match for free online.

Fans in the US, UK, and some other countries will have some time lag as it falls behind the paywall. But some of the live streaming channels internationally will telecast the Spence vs Garcia boxing match entirely for free. But if you are abroad and still want to watch the match then you will need a VPN.

Spence Vs Garcia Reddit
Spence Vs Garcia Reddit

Some of the following streaming channels that will telecast the fight for free:

  • DMAX (Turkey)
  • PPTV (Thailand)
  • TVP Sport (Poland)
  •  RPC-TV (Panama)

But if you want to watch the boxing match in the above-mentioned countries you will have to connect through a VPN. Only then you can connect to the stream. As per our tests who found that ExpressVPN is the best in the market. The VPN is great in unblocking the live streams for the Errol Spence vs Jones Jr match from all the options that are listed.

Another free channel is the DAZN which can be used to watch the boxing match in countries such as:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

Watch the Errol Spence Vs Danny Garcia Jr match on live streaming platforms.

Most of the fans do not like to watch their favorite sport or show on cable TV. But the cable tv has its shortcomings and therefore live streaming channel is the best option. As live streaming channels are less expensive and provide better service. Also, the live streaming channels do not have any contract.

With the live streaming services, you can watch the Spence vs Garcia fight without any problem. Let’s see what are the options available to watch the boxing match.

ESPN Official Channel

Fans in the US can watch the Spence vs Garcia boxing match on ESPN. It is the main telecast rights holder. The boxing match can also be live-streamed on the website of ESPN. You can watch the match via a PPV basis.

The price for the Pay Per View is about $49.99 but you will have to create a PPV account in order to access the match.

Direct TV:

Direct TV is another channel to watch the Spence vs Garcia Jr match. The users can watch over 65 channels to watch on your preferred device. But for that, you will be required an internet connection which should be fast.

Users of the Direct TV cable services can subscribe directly to the services and there are a lot of channels along with showtime.

Sling TV:

Sling TV is another platform to watch the Spence vs Garcia Jr match. The online streaming platform provides its users with several TV channels to watch. Sling TV has many packages and has all the channels in all the packages. But when you sign for a particular package make sure it has all the channels that you need. Showtime is also included in the package and fans should make sure that they are able to access it.

PS Vue:

PlayStation Vue is the channel for live streaming that is aided by the gaming company PlayStation. For a monthly price of $45, users will get all their favorite TV channels to watch on their favorite devices. The channel offers a 5-day free trial that boxing fans gain benefits to getting access to the Showtime channel. Fans have to pay to access PS Vue as it is available on PPV.

YouTube TV:

Next channel to watch the Spence vs Garcia Jr match. The channel provides access to all the top channels in the US. These channels include ABC, Fox, CBS, ESPN, NBC, ESPN+, and a lot of other channels. The channel also has a facility to record content that has been missed to watch at a later time. Make sure the showtime is available in the package before subscribing.

Watch the Spence vs Garcia Jr match on social media platforms.

You can watch the live telecast of the Spence vs Garcia JR match on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. These platforms provide exclusive coverage of the boxing match.

Spence Vs Garcia Streams
Spence Vs Garcia Streams


Fans can watch the exclusive live telecast of the Spence vs Garcia Jr match on the official Page on Facebook. The picture quality is extremely good and you can watch the entire match without any hindrance.


Reddit is the best channel to watch the Spence vs Garcia Jr match as the platform is free. But with Reddit, you will have to spend a lot of time finding the right link that is displayed when you search. AS soon as you get the links you can watch the content without any hindrance but you should have a good internet connection.


Watch the Spence vs Garcia boxing match live on the official Twitter channel.


Instagram also streams the Spence vs Garcia boxing match on the page.

How to watch the Spence vs Garcia Jr match on VPN.

Several channels have geo-restrictions that are experienced by users living outside the region. This can be overcome by subscribing to a virtual private network (VPN). You will have to purchase a package that is suitable and enjoy the match from the comfort of their homes.

Step by Step guide to using VPN.

  • Visit the VPN site
  • Choose any of the packages. (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly)
  • Buy the package and make the payment
  • Follow the instructions
  • You will get access to the match

We have done extensive research in finding the best VPN as per our results ExpressVPN is the best there are others that are good as well.

Express easily connects with high speeds and the kill switch gives protection if the connection is lost. The VPN works very well with Mac and Windows computers. Also, can be connected to public and private networks at a time. 

Other options in VPN are NordVPN which is used by more than eight million users. It is the most sought after VPNs.

Then there is the Surfshark VPN, CyberGhost, and a host of others.

It seems the only person associated with the welterweight title bout on Saturday who isn’t pondering whether unified champion Errol Spence Jr. will still be the same some 14 months removed from a scary car accident is his opponent.

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Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) and the rest of the world won’t have to wait long to see if he’s still good enough to dominate quality opposition. Spence’s fight against Garcia (36-2, 21 KOs) for the IBF and WBC titles will either confirm or reject his status as one of boxing’s best pound-for-pound fighters.


Danny Garcia (36-2, 21 KOs), a former two-division champion, is very much expecting to see the best of Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) when the two face off inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas (Fox PPV, 9 p.m. ET) live. Instead, he has spent his time figuring out how to beat Spence and believes there was something to learn from his opponent’s last outing.

Errol Spence Jr. knows why the stakes are so high for Saturday’s fight against Danny Garcia.

As much as the bout at AT&T Stadium is about maintaining Spence’s place as a unified welterweight champion, it’s also a test to see where Spence stands 14 months after a horrific car crash that left him hospitalized.

Just two weeks before he rolled his Ferrari and was thrown from the vehicle while driving drunk at high speeds in Dallas, the 30-year-old Spence unified his IBF title with Shawn Porter’s WBC belt in a thrilling split-decision win that contended for fight of the year honors. The fight was action packed throughout and Garcia believes that Porter ultimately exposed flaws in Spence’s game.


“[Spence] was getting hit a lot and his defense [was exposed],” Garcia told “Morning Kombat” last week. [Porter] forced him into a tough fight.

The year 2020 has been a slight off the charts juice wise for all the boxing fans in the world. There has been so much stress due to the pandemic that no major sporting event along with boxing took place. Overall the picture has been gloomy with all facets of life. Well, now the good news or the silver lining is that sports including boxing have been resumed. 

Basically, we are here to tell you more about the great fight that’s going to happen between Spence Junior and Garcia. The fight is only a few hours away so we thought it would be prudent to put all the live stream options here that one can use to watch the match flawlessly. 

Fight Details – Time Venue Date 

The match will be fought on 5th December 2020 at 9 PM ET. The location for the match is the AT&T Stadium at Arlington. 

In the main card is the 12 bout fight between Spence Jr and Garcia, however, there are more fights in the card that should keep the fire running. 

Spence Jr Vs Garcia Fight Card Details – 2020

Here are the complete fight card details of the Spence Jr Vs Garcia event. There is so many other good fights that you can enjoy in this event. 

Errol Spence Jr. vs. Danny Garcia: Main Fight 

Sebastian Fundora vs. Jorge Cota For Middleweight category 

Julio Ceja vs. Eduardo Ramirez for the Featherweight category.

Josesito Lopez vs. Francisco Santana for  welterweight category

Miguel Flores vs. Isaac Avelar for junior lightweight category

Fernando Garcia vs. Juan Tapia for featherweight category

Vito Mielnicki Jr. vs. Steven Pulluaim for welterweight category

Burley Brooks vs. Marco Delgado for super middleweight category

Live streaming Options Spence JR Vs Garcia Reddit – 2020

There are many methods that can be used to watch the Spence JR Vs Garcia fight in live stream mode. Here we have covered the best ways one could do it easily. 

Spence vs Garcia Live Stream Reddit:

Reddit is the hot favorite of all those who want to watch live streams for free. In fact, Reddit is the place where you will find the freest authentic live stream links for Spence JR vs Garcia 2020 match. Do make an account on Reddit first, if you haven’t already. Then comes the time-intensive step. Start looking for relevant subreddits that cover boxing and this event in particular. Soon you would find people posting free live stream links. Please remember that not all of them would work, so it’s wise to check them first. 

Official live stream Partner: FOX PPV

FOX is the official live stream and broadcasting partner for this great boxing event. You have to purchase the PPV pass to watch it. In a nutshell, FOX PPV is the official and most reliable way to watch the live stream of the game. The stream quality is going to be amazing and flawless for sure. The price for the PPV pass is 74.99 USD. 

You can stream the match easily on your ROKU and Kodi devices by pointing them to the official Fox TV app. 

Social media Options To Watch Spence JR Vs Garcia Match live Stream – 2020

For those who do not have the money to spare or think that the PPV price is steep for the match, social media comes to the rescue. You can watch the live stream of this great fight (Spence  JR Vs Garcia) by using social media. Here are the best ways to do exactly that. However, these are unofficial methods and one has to check for themselves whether they are working or not. 

Facebook: One of the ways to get free links for watching the live stream of Spence JR vs Garcia live stream is through Facebook. For this to be fruitful you must join all the boxing-related groups also the ones that are specific to this game. Facebook has this great feature of a watch party where people can live stream what they are watching. Chances are pretty high that someone will surely stream the match there. The streams are of good quality and above all, they are absolutely free. 

YouTube: Don’t get confused here with youtube TV, we are not talking about that here. Youtube happens to be a huge social media platform with billions of people creating and sharing content every day. Here you have to search for less known boxing-related channels and subscribe to them. Yes, you have to put in some time to find the right ones. Chances are that one of these channels will surely live stream the match. 

Twitter: Recently twitter is also picking up as the hot favorite of sports live stream lovers. There are many handles that post free live stream links. All you have to do is follow them after searching for them. Very high probability that you would get access to some awesome free live stream links. 

Can I Watch Spence JR vs Garcia Match In-person? 

Yes, the answer is a big yes, this match can be watched in-person from AT&T stadium also. The event organizers have catered for 11000 people to attend the event at the venue maintaining the highest levels of COVID-19 safety. Do check the official website for more details. In our opinion that is a great development but still since the pandemic is still at large, you must take all the precautions possible. 

How to watch Spence vs Garcia on Kodi?

Kodi one of the most sought-after platforms to watch the Spence vs Garcia and a media software. Thousands of viewers across the globe watch content on Kodi. Kodi is an open-source platform that requires Kodi add-ons to watch content on live streaming. The internet consists of a wide range of Kodi add-ons that are related to sports, movies, and TV shows.

You will find several add-ons for TV shows and movies but when it comes to live streaming of boxing there are very few. Therefore, it is very important to get the correct add-on if you want to watch the boxing match on pay per view. In this article, we will give you the steps of the process to watch the Spence vs Garcia boxing live on Kodi.

Pay per View

Over the last decade, the internet has grown a lot and since then it has undergone many changes. The only medium to watch the live streaming of boxing matches was television. But now there is the internet and with it, a lot of other alternatives have also surfaced. So much so that the concept of PPV has been taken seeing a steep increase in online viewership.

Pay Per view is called PPV in short.   The meaning of this concept is anyone who wants to watch the boxing match live has to pay a specific amount. A lot of the people who are die-hard boxing fans buy the PPVs and its growth is incredible. The cost of the PPV is between $ 39 – $59m and it is based on the gravity of the match.

Live telecast of the Spence vs Garcia boxing match on Kodi.

There are over a million fans of boxing fans across the globe and not all of them can afford such a high cost to watch a single match.  That is why you have Kodi at your service which is a platform where the fans can watch this PPV for free. But it is important to find the correct add-on to watch the event.

Watching Kodi without a VPN could be risky.

That’s right, if you want to use Kodi then it has to be through VPN. If you use Kodi without a VPN is not safe and we will tell you why is it not safe?

  • Geo-restricted channels.

VPN is used to bypass most of the channels that are geo-restricted in regions. Using a VPN the restriction can be avoided and the Spence vs Garcia match can be watched. The ip address is masked by the VPN and will make you appear as an anonymous online user. With the VPN you can watch the boxing match on live streaming without any problems.

  • Using illegitimate Kodi Add-ons without a VPN is not safe.

First things first, watching content using Kodi add-ons is illegal. That’s because the content which has copyrights is streamed for free. So, if you use Kodi without a VPN all the actions will be monitored by the ISP when the IP address is tracked. This can be unsafe as the information can be passed on to the government or the companies in demand. That’s way too risky, so when you use a VPN, the identity is not revealed due to the IP address always changing.

Let’s see which VPN is best for Kodi.

So, if you are investing some amount to buy the VPN then it is worth it. It is certainly less expensive than purchasing a PPV.  So, we suggest the best two VPNs available on the market.


  1.       Register to ExpressVPN and then it is speedy service.
  2.       Then the VPN is connected to a server in the UK or the US.
  3.       Now you can use Kodi with the VPN on your device.


  1.       Download PureVPN to your device and register to it.
  2.       Then enter the credentials and log in.
  3.       Respective server from the list of countries is selected.
  4.       After the connection is established you are good to go.

Some of the Add-ons for Kodi to the Spence vs Garcia match.

There are a lot of add-ons that are not legal and it is vital to have a list of add-ons that are working. Many times, during a match one stream may get down during such times the list might be useful.

  1.       PlanetMMA
  2.       The Loop
  3.       Sportsdevil
  4.       Sportsworld
  5.       ZemTV
  6.       FightTube
  7.       UK Turk List
  8.       Pure soccer.

How to watch Errol Spence Jr. vs. Danny Garcia in Australia?

Australian boxing fans can watch the Spence Jr Vs Garcia exclusively on Pay per view via Optus and Foxtel. This will cost you 49.95 AUD with the telecast starting at 7:00 p.m. yes, we are afraid to say this one is all about the Pay Per View.

How to watch the Spence Jr vs Garcia match in the UK?

British fans can watch the Spence Jr vs Garcia match on BT sports. It is your go to option for the boxing fans in the UK. The full fight can be availed at just £24.95 but you will need the BT Sport Box Office.

Spence Jr Vs Garcia coverage in Canada.

Unfortunately, fans in Canada don’t have any option to watch the Spence Jr vs Garcia match. They can watch the match either on free to air channels or on DAZN. DAZN offers a free trial period and you will have to connect to the servers in Italy to watch the complete fight. With DAZN fans in countries like Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland can watch the match. Fans in Canada can also watch the match on Showtime.

Spence Jr Vs Garcia on Apple TV, Roku, iOS.

There are chances of watching the Spence Jr Vs Jones match if you have Apple TV, Roku or iOS with PPV on your devices. All the providers telecast the live streaming of the boxing match. These options will give you the best streaming quality and you can watch any of the live sports. There are other channels which are expensive but in the long run these are money savers.

Social Media streaming of the Spence Jr Vs Jones Jr

There are also some other favorites to watch the Spence Jr Vs Garcia match such as the social media platforms. Facebook Twitter, YouTube, are some to name which are popular and trustworthy live streaming platforms for many of the major events.

Facebook: There is an official page to watch the Spence Jr vs Garcia. On this page fans can watch the match by visiting the joining the page.

Twitter: Twitter is another platform to watch the fight. Search for the Spence Jr vs Garcia fight with the hashtag and watch the match.

Spence Jr Vs Garcia match on Kodi TV

The Spence Jr vs Garcia exhibition match will be telecasted on Kodi TV. There is a wide anticipation as the officials are expecting a release of the extension through the Thriller app.

Spence Jr vs Garcia match on Triller.

The exhibition boxing match is scheduled to be aired on triller. It is a social media app which is also planning a docuseries featuring Spence Jr and Garcia. They will display their preparation for the fight. It is a 10- part series and every week two episodes will be aired.

Watch the Spence Jr vs Garcia match on VPN.

The Spence Jr vs Garcia match cannot be watched in every region as many channels will have geo restrictions. But they can always use the VPN (Virtual Private Network). Purchase the best package and watch the fight from anywhere in the world. Some of the best VPNs are the:

  1.       ExpressVPN:
  2.       Nord VPN
  3.       CyberGhost VPN
  4.       SurfShark VPN

Let’s see the step wise guide to buy the VPN

  • Visit the VPN site
  • Select a package which could be monthly quarterly half yearly or yearly.
  • Buy the package
  • And then connect the VPN to any server where the live telecast is shown
  • You are good to go.

Who Will Win

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The common theme of the fight between Errol Spence Jr. and Mikey Garcia is that Spence Jr. is simply too big and has too much strength for the smaller Garcia to handle. With Garcia jumping weight classes specifically to challenge Spence Jr., the title fight has been tabbed as a David vs Goliath type of showdown.

When one looks at Spence Jr.’s resume, it is easy to understand why the undersized Garcia is such and underdog. Spence Jr. has physically dominated the welterweight division up to this point and it is shocking to see an opponent push him past the 7th or 8th round. In fact, he has only made it to the 10th round on two occasions his entire career.

Spence Vs Garcia Who Will Win

Errol Spence Jr. is a volume puncher and a power puncher. He aims for the body and he can land a series of lightning quick body blows so fierce that the fight can often end at that moment alone. Whenever his demoralizing body punches fail to deliver a knockout, they do a number on his opponent’s ability to last a whole fight. He has worn them down to the point that a future knockout is inevitable.

It will be next to impossible for Garcia to counter the overwhelming power of Spence Jr. Garcia might be a more skilled technical boxer than Spence Jr., but that will not save him from the tenacious attack to the body the champ will deliver.

Despite being overmatched in size and strength, Garcia does not hold a distinct advantage in overall speed in the ring. This goes for foot speed and hand speed. Garcia is incredible on the attack, but Spence Jr.’s ability to wear him down will prevent the challenger from landing many serious blows. Lacking an advantage in speed is a killer for Garcia since Spence Jr. already has the monstrous advantage in size and strength.

Perhaps the only question mark for Spence Jr. is his stamina in the ring. He has rarely been tested the distance and this is where Garcia must look for his opportunity to strike. Should the fight get to the 7th round or beyond, one must wonder how much Spence Jr. will have left in the tank. The only chance for the underdog to take the fight is to seize control at any moment where Spence Jr. leaves an opening. Garcia must make it that far in the fight to begin with.

Spence Jr. is a humungous favorite heading into the showdown with the multi-division champion. When analyzing the contest, it becomes clear that the physical attributes of Errol Spence Jr. are too great to overcome. Since Garcia does not have the typical fighting style of a smaller opponent, he will be overpowered within the first few rounds. If he manages to escape or counter the heaviest of Spence Jr.’s punches, will he be able to effectively return the favor?

The likely answer is that he will not be able to and that is why the odds are simply too great in favor of the welterweight champ. Expect Errol Spence Jr. to retain his title. It will take one of boxing’s most shocking upsets to say otherwise.

On March 16th, at 9:00 PM, the fight of the year is going down. The AT&T Stadium is hosting the Errol Spence Jr (The Truth) versus Mikey Garcia welterweight fight. This fight is going to be exciting and full of blows for both of these fighters.

Many boxing fans are speculating who is going to be on top for this fight. Many fans have discussed the size differences between the two fighters, it seems that there is a big size difference between the two fighters. Spence is wider, thicker, and a bigger man in every way. Spence is one of the greatest fighters in the world and has an 87.5% knockout rate and some call him the next Sugar Ray Leonard.  He cannot do anything wrong in fans eyes. There is nothing that he cannot do in the ring. His footwork is amazing, and he’s got great skills at controlling his distance.

Spence Jr. Vs. Garcia Fight Set For March

Garcia first began as a featherweight and he has a world champion title in featherweight, super featherweight, lightweight, and superlight weight. He has a lot of heart and is very confident in himself. Garcia wants to fight Spence because of his record as well.

Garcia feels as if Spence is the biggest challenge for him and he knows he will be challenged by Spence. He is absolutely ready for this challenge. He doesn’t feel that the size differences will truly be the biggest determining factor in the fight. Garcia feels like he has seen Spence’s fights and how he works, and he has pinpointed certain flaws that Spence has. Garcia plans to use the flaws in his advantage and by using those flaws, Garcia feels that he will win because of this.

Spence was fighting in Brooklyn on January 20th, and Garcia was watching that night. His family deterred him from that choice. Garcia wants to be the underdog and he feels that he will prevail against Spence. Some fans say that Garcia is out of his league, and no matter how hard Garcia fights on March 16th, he can put on his best fight performance ever, and still walk off the ring a loser. So he has to stay on top of his game for this fight for sure.

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Garcia knows that the challenge for this fight is almost insane, but he feels that not taking on Spence shows that he thinks he can’t ever win that weight title. If he pushes himself to overcome the challenge, he’ll walk away a better man and gaining a lot of knowledge by fighting Spence in general.

He feels like this fight is going to be the biggest challenge in his career, so far, but he is ready to fight and feels that this fight will open up the doors to new and exciting other things. It will open doors for new fights and bigger and better challenges.  Garcia says that he has listened to his family and coaching staff, however, he makes his own decisions on who he will fight next and this will lead to more compelling and better fights all around. We wish both Spence and Garcia best of luck on March 16th.

How to live stream Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing from outside your country

If you’re currently traveling abroad or there is no official broadcast option in your country, then you’ll need to use a VPN to dial in to a location in the US that does have coverage.

Get: Express VPN For Free

A VPN is perfect for this as it allows you to change your IP address so you appear to be in a completely different location. They’re surprisingly easy to use, too! We’ve tested hundreds of VPNs and can heartily recommend ExpressVPN as the best one right now.

ExpressVPN – get the world’s best VPN

We’ve put all the major VPNs through their paces and we rate ExpressVPN as our top pick, thanks to its speed, ease of use and strong security features. It’s also compatible with just about any streaming device out there, including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox and PlayStation, as well as Android and Apple mobiles.

Sign up for an annual plan now and get an extra 3 months absolutely FREE. And if you change your mind within the first 30 days, let them know and they’ll give you your money back without a quibble.

– Try ExpressVPN 100% risk-free for 30 days

How to watch Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing Boxing on TV in the US

You will need access to the following networks to watch all of this season’s Boxing games if you live in the US and have a cable subscription: ABC, CBS, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News, ESPN 3, ESPN College Extra, NBC, Fox, FS1, FS2, Fox College Sports Atlantic, Fox College Sports Central, Fox College Sports Pacific, NFL Network, ACC Network, Big Ten Network, Longhorn Network, SEC Network, BTN (Big Ten Network) and Pac-12 Network..

However, you can also stream quite a few games over-the-air if you are not a cable user. You will stream Boxing games broadcast on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox using the best indoor TV antennas. For the most part, ABC or Fox broadcast prime time games and CBS will screen games from the SEC conference.

Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing live stream Reddit

Argentina vs Danny Garcia Boxing fans nowadays are looking for ways to watch the latest Boxing events for free. And Reddit offers them to watch the 2020 Buffalo vs Miami (OH) for absolutely free of cost. Reddit has become quite a hit among sports lovers. Not only the platform is free but it also offers the best video quality. The links that are uploaded by other users which can be picked up by doing a little bit of research. You will have to find the subreddit with the Buffalo vs Miami (OH) keywords and a lot of links are displayed. Choose the best one which does not have any treats and no commercials. Also, check out for the Buffalo vs Miami (OH) related official subreddits and get links to the golf tournament.

  1. CBS all access: Official channel

The 2020 Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing can be live-streamed on the CBS All Access channel, the cost of the network is about $5.99 every month and there are commercials. But if you don’t want to watch commercials then you will have to pay $9.99 per month. You will get a complete catalog of on-request programs, which gives you a chance to watch your favorite programs.

The weekly matches can also be accessed on CBS Sports Network. It has a free 7-day trial, which can be canceled any time with no extra pay. The channel can also be watched on the go by downloading the app on your smartphone.

  1. NBC Sports.

With NBC you can watch the live coverage of the 2020 Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing, it means that you don’t have to elsewhere. If your cable pack already consists of NBC then you are in luck as you can also watch the golf tournament on the NBC website also.

NBC will give 22 hours of live coverage of the Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing. During the rounds of the tournament, there are a limited number of commercial breaks. The NBC Sports app is also available to watch the Football tournament on your mobile device.

  1. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is another channel to watch the 2020 Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing. The channel provides full coverage for fans in the UK. There is the Sky sports day pass which costs £9.99; then there is the weekly pass which costs £14.99 and lastly, the monthly pass costs £33.99. You can cancel the channel any time as there is no contract.

It has the best video quality, and you will not experience any kind of hindrance or lag while streaming the golf event. Sky Sports can also be watched on the smartphone or the tablet by downloading the Sky go app from google play or the App Store.

  1. Fubo TV

Watch the 2020 Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing Boxing on FuboTV. It is one of the popular platforms for sports lovers. There is a wide range of channels dedicated to sports. It offers 4 packs from which you can choose anyone. 1st is the Fubo costing $44.99 per month, second is the fubo Extra priced at $49.99 per month, 3rd is the Fubo Latino available at a subscription price of $17.99 per month, and then there are the Fubo Portugues costing $19.99 per month. You can add several other channels along with some premium channels. NBC is included in both main packages Fubo and Fubo Extra. The video quality of the channel is also great.

Watch Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing Live Stream On Reddit: The Boxing championship Finale 2020 Game Online Free

FuboTV offers 30 hours of cloud storage and can be increased to 500 hours. The extra storage will cost $9.99 per month. The channel comes with two screens to watch simultaneously. If you want an extra screen you can do it by purchasing the family feature costing $5.99 per month.

  1. Sling TV

The next channel to watch the 2020 Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing Live is the Sling TV. The channel has no limits to customizing according to your interests. Adding the channel packs along with the premium networks is very easy. It offers the Orange bundle for a cost of $25 a month, the Blue bundle for a cost of $25 a month, and the orange plus Blue bundle for a cost of $40 a month. The bundles give you lots of channels to get you started. NBC is included in the two bundles those are the Blue and Orange + Blue bundles. But you should choose according to your interests.

There is no cloud storage for the Sling TV, but you can get the feature by paying an extra $5 per month. For that, you will get 50 hours of storage. The streaming of the screens depends on the type of bundle you have. Blue subscribers will get one screen, the orange subscribers will have 3 screens and the Orange + Blue subscribers will have four screens to watch at once,

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Japan : Nippon TV, NHK, J Sports
Arab League : RTC Sports
Australia : TBA
Brazil : ESPN
Canada : TBA
Fiji : TBA
France : TF1
Monaco : TF1
Georgia : TBA
Germany : Ran, Prosieben Maxx
Ireland : RTE sport, Eir Sport 1, Eir Sport 2
New Zealand : TVNZ
Oceania : TBA
Romania : TBA
Russia : TBA
South America : ESPN
Spain : TBA
Sub Saharan Africa : Supersport
United Kingdom : ITV, ITV4 and ITV Hub
United States : NBC sports Gold, NBC and Univision

Best ways to watch Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Boxing Boxing online

With so many different ways to watch Boxing, it can be hard to pick a way to watch without cable TV. Some services may be better based on the specific team or conference you root for, and we have suggestions and full breakdowns linked below. If you are a big fan of all things Boxing, there is one suggestion for the best overall way to stream the most games easily without cable or satellite.

, fans get access to nearly every network with Boxing action this season. Hulu with Live TV also offers local feeds from all the major networks, but fans should be sure to check their zip code to find their local channels . The combination of a broad coverage of channels with Boxing, conference networks, and a reasonable price make Hulu with Live TV our pick for best overall live TV streaming service for Boxing.

Best for everything not on TV: ESPN+

Even with a reduced Boxing schedule this fall, there are still some games that will be exclusively available streaming online. That’s where ESPN+ comes in. It’s the all-digital arm of the storied sports network, and it has Boxing games nearly every weekend that you just can’t get anywhere else. It’s easy to sign up for ESPN+, which is available on your phone, tablets, web browser — and, of course, on your TV.

More ways to watch Boxing live stream

Fans have more options than ever before to watch Boxing games streaming online.

has long had a strong focus on sports, and the service recently added ESPN channels to an already strong lineup. If you live near an ACC or SEC school, you will even get those conference channels too. However Fubo lacks ESPNU.

AT&T TV Now includes many of the channels you would need for a full Boxing weekend, but most will require you to pick at least the $80 Max plan.

offers the lowest regular price among the live streaming services, but most Boxing fans will need to at least step up to the Orange+Blue plan for $45. If you want ACC Network, SEC Network and Longhorn Network with Sling TV (yeah, you do) that will require a $10 Sports Extra add-on.

Listen to Boxing live on SiriusXM

You can catch every play from the biggest Boxing games on the go with SiriusXM. The service has live play by play coverage of Boxing games in the major conferences all season long.

Sirius XM has a dedicated channel for the major conferences, including all of the Power Five. These radio stations include coverage of games along with conference-specific talk and analysis. It is available in your vehicle or streaming to your mobile devices.


This match is going to be a great one and there is no doubts about that. Just read the information above to make the most of it. 

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