How Basketball Changes Betting Industry And How You Can Use It?

Basketball is one of the most common sports among bettors. To understand how to make money on basketball betting, you need to understand the intricacies and rules, analyze the match correctly, and make the right conclusion. Everything comes with experience and knowledge, just the same while playing online casinos in Australia. The main thing is not to be afraid and to bet thoughtfully, without succumbing to gambling.

Important basketball rules for successful betting

The FIBA and the NBA have two versions of basketball rules.
The basic general rules are:

⦁ Five men on the court at the back line, including substitutes. The number of substitutions during the game is unlimited;
⦁ There are four quarters and overtime if there is a tie in regulation time;
⦁ The teams score points in different ways: three points for shooting from long range, two points for shooting from the two-point line, and one point for accuracy on the free throw.

The key difference between the rules is the time – while the NBA plays 12-minute quarters, the FIBA plays 10-minute quarters. In America, the same as at top Australian online casinos, the three-point arc is further away than in Europe. In the NBA, free throws are awarded after any defensive foul when the team has picked up 6 fouls, while the FIBA rules are 5.
Factors important to analyze:

⦁ Place in the standings. Determined based on the win-loss ratio. The higher the team, the stronger it is.
⦁ Personal match results. If you look at the last meetings between the teams and compare the results, you can find an appropriate virtual casino and understand what teams are approximately capable of in a face-to-face battle.
⦁ Last 5-10 match results against other teams. It gives an insight into the form of the teams.
⦁ Percentage of wins/losses at home/away. Used to analyze teams’ chances in the home or away game conditions.
Additional information:
⦁ Tournament motivation (“playoff chances,” possible “exsanguination” of the game for the sake of a high draft chance).
⦁ Roster problems (disqualifications, injuries).
⦁ Team fatigue (workload in the last period).
⦁ Non-sports component (franchise funding deterioration or improvement, club management rotation).
⦁ Leading players’ individual goals (contract year, personal prize race, feuds with specific opponents).
⦁ Coaching “playbooks.”
Betting rules and tips for beginners
Best rated online casinos consider that a beginner bettor must clearly understand that betting can bring income only if you assess the situation wisely, control your emotions and distribute your bankroll wisely. At first, it is possible to use the advice of more experienced players on online casino gambling sites, but it is necessary to remember that no bettor will reveal the secret of his success.

How to bet on quarters in basketball

Each match consists of four quarters. The list of bets is almost the same as for the whole match. Legal gambling sites advise betting on the quarters if the bettor is sure that the event will occur in a particular quarter.

How to bet on the total in basketball

One should bet on the total in basketball based not only on statistics but also consider other aspects: the pace of the game, and the form of players. The importance of the meeting can also play a role, if it is a top tournament, you can count on a greater number of points scored.

How to Bet on Basketball in Live

Live bets and internet casinos are attractive with the possibility of catching higher odds. If before the event the bookmaker gives, for example, 1.6 to win one of the teams, then in the live betting this figure can reach several times more.

IMPORTANT: Bookmakers offer a wide range of bets. Both in pre-match and online. But basketball lives at legal online casinos, according to experts, is more profitable.

It is best to bet at Aussie casinos at the end of the match when the outcome is much easier to predict. Certainly, there is no point in betting on a win, most probably because the odds have already dropped. But the total and handicaps are ideal. If you lose, next time you can bet twice as much to come out in the black. This strategy of “overtaking” is widely used in basketball live betting.
How to block shots in basketball

A block shot is a defensive element in basketball when defending. If you want to bet on block shots, you have to consider the team’s defensive abilities. If there are strong defenders, you can determine from statistics or be guided by the game. Of course, it is best to make such bets in the live game or while online gambling.

Basic strategies for basketball betting

Many strategies have been developed for the successful earning of bets. Basketball is one of the sports, ideally suited for such strategies. If you do not follow the chosen one, you can quickly lose your deposit.
Goalie by quarters.

Betting with the add-on means that each subsequent bet increases twice as much as the original bet. Catching up is considered an aggressive strategy, and its application should be based on a clear understanding of the matching picture. If events are not unfolding according to plan, you need to be able to stop at the right time. To put it simply – after losing several times in a row, you have to take a break and choose another match.

The strategy makes it possible to always stay in the black. For example, a gambler bets on a match and loses. So, the next time he or she should bet on the same bet in another match twice as much. It is essential to analyze the game before the match and during it.

Live quarter vs. favorite

It is best to bet on quarters in live betting at the most honest online casino. When doing so, you can use a betting strategy on a victory of the outsider team in the quarter. If the team did not win, it is necessary to bet on its victory in the second quarter, by doubling the amount.

Continue this way until the bet plays out. Rarely, the outsider team does not win in any quarter. Of course, in this case, you need to choose the right match, for this purpose, it is necessary to analyze the state of the team and compare the odds. If the bookmaker puts less than 1.2 on the favorite, the strategy will not work for this match.

The favorite’s victory in one of the quarters

The strategy can be profitable only if the match is chosen correctly. You can focus on the home odds – it should not exceed 1.6 for the victory of the favorite.

The initial bet should be made on the victory of the favorite in the first quarter. If it won, you can put the same amount on the victory in the second or quit the game altogether and start looking for a new event. If it loses, it is necessary to bet on the success of the favorite in the second quarter, calculating the amount so that if it wins, the profit covers the loss incurred.

It should be noted that this strategy also has its disadvantages. If the favorite is in better shape or the odds are small, you can lose the whole bank before winning.


This is a bet on the victory of the favorite and the first half and the entire match, a double win. The odds on such events are always higher than on just a match win, but it is also much harder to predict the outcome. It is advisable to place these bets when the odds to win the match are not high enough. With a lot of chances that the bet will score, favorites win quite often.

Calculating the average total for a basketball team and match

You can calculate the total by the proportion of possessions to points scored in the last games of the teams. For example, there are 130 points per 100 possessions. This means that the efficiency is 1.3. Based on this, it is possible to calculate the number of possessions and the match total individually for each team.

Basketball is a high-priority direction for the bettor who applies a strategy in betting. If you qualitatively perform match analysis and do not deviate from the chosen strategy, there will be a positive result.

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