How To Become A Professional Cricketer?

How To Become A Professional Cricketer

Updated: Nov 29, 2021 6:32 pm

Every person has something that drives the passion in them. Most people pursue cooking as a career out of their love, and others graduate with a doctorate. More than half of the time, your job entirely depends upon your passion; instead, it’s something you do to seek financial stability.

Similarly, cricket is one of the careers you pursue out of passion and existing skills. Most people are natural; others master the impossible to compete. Considering that you want to become a professional cricketer relates to acknowledging the field and skill requirement.

Thus, here are some valuable tips to aid you in your journey as a cricketer.

Tips To Help You Improvise Your Cricket Skills

The first step would be buying a cricket kit for yourself from one of the complementary markets like cricket shops in Australia. And then here’s what you need to learn.

Accept Competition:

Always acknowledge the fact that there are players out there who play better than you do. The first step of becoming a master of any skill is to realise how bad you are at it. Self-confident people improvise better than those who are smug about their abilities. Acknowledging another player’s exceeding and relatively impressive efforts will help you analyse situations better and make arrangements accordingly. You can learn more effectively and improve as a cricketer once you understand how to accept competition, in and out of the field.

A Slump Shouldn’t Stay Forever:

Being in a slump and tumbling is alright, but accepting that you can’t do better isn’t. Become more responsive to your surroundings and identify the triggers that cause you to slump. Experiencing a fall in any professional career is just two steps forward, one step back. But you must always realise that even by taking action back, you’re still getting ahead at a slower pace. Players often suffer from slumps if they’re in poor form. A bad form doesn’t necessarily imply being physically unhealthy but being unaware of your capabilities.


To become a top player, you have to acquire the skill of becoming patient and resilient. Cricket is a profession where you have to become patient to progress; you cannot become an expert in a day or two; it takes months and years of devotion. Thus, if you want to perfect your skills, you must learn how to be persistent.

How To Play Better Cricket?

Here’s how you can master cricketing skills in a couple of weeks. You must practice how to,

  • Keep a firm position for balling every time you’re in the field.
  • Bowl each ball with the complete intention of scoring.
  • Preserve energy during rest periods.
  • Always warm-up before you turn to bowl.
  • Always pay attention to nothing else but the ball once you’re ready to bat.
  • Reassure yourself of your grip on the bat before every turn.
  • Invest all your energy in batting.
  • Always double-check with the captain when you’re in the field.
  • Be positive and observe every ball.
  • Prepare yourself before every bowl.
  • Always keep the ball as your centre of attention when you’re behind the wicket.

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