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How to find the best online bookmakers for Premier League betting

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Anyone looking to maximise their football betting profits, especially in the English Premier League, should seriously consider spreading their bankroll across multiple bookmakers.

As majority of punters might be aware, every bookmaker has their own odds for the different betting markets. So, it’s never a good idea to go with just one single betting site. If you’re serious about making regular profit from football betting each month, you should venture out and find more number of trustworthy bookmakers. With English Premier League round the corner, come August, all football punters will be focused on the pinnacle football tournament of the UK. So, if you’re keen on making the most of this EPL season in the betting marketplace, you should read bookmakers reviews and pick out a handful of good bookies, depending upon your requirements and liking. Below we have shared some tips to help you figure out the best bookmakers for EPL betting.

Locate the bookie that consistently offers good betting odds

Betting odds are the most important of all the factors when it comes to registering consistent profits in football betting. No matter what type of bets you place, you should always look for the odds that are at least 2% to 3% better than rest of the market. If we take the example of a six-fold accumulator bet, losing 3% on each one of your selections can bring down your potential winnings by around 42%. Imagine that happening to you if you were in this lad’s place! You’d be cursing yourself after the win! Hence, always make it a point to compare the odds offered by different bookmakers and go with the ones that regularly offer the best odds.

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Pay attention to the betting limits

Even if a bookmaker’s odds look better than the rest of the market, it might not be of much use to you if they have stringent betting limits. It’s not uncommon for bookmakers to place limits on people who have had notable success in specific betting markets. If you do end up in that kind of a situation, you can’t do much other than switching to some other bookmaker that doesn’t place any such limits on your bets.

Factor in the types of bets offered by the bookmaker

Gone are the days when punters could only indulge in money line bets in the Premier League. Today, it’s the unpopular betting markets that often provide great value, for instance, relegations, shots on target, Asian handicaps, goal totals, corners, possession, off-sides, bookings, correct score and more. You shouldn’t have to narrow down your selections only because a bookmaker offers you attractive signup bonuses.

Go with a bookmaker that offers the best bonuses

Football betting can become highly exciting if you get to wager with free money, and still be in with a chance to score handsome profits. Considering the cutthroat competition that exists in the online betting market today, a large majority of reputed bookmakers offer attractive signup bonuses to their new clients. You should make the most of such bonuses and try building your bankroll with their help.

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