How video-replays can improve decision making in boxing

Boxing is a popular sport almost all over the world and has been so for centuries now. It is simple, clean and wholesome and many different types of people enjoy it. Given the popularity of the sport and its patronage, it is surprising that not much updating has been made regarding the rules followed or in terms of using technology to get better results. With people even being able to play games such as on a computer today, video-replay in reviewing has no place in the field of boxing; there are actually places that ban the use of video-replays.

Impact of video-replays in other sports

Instant replays have revolutionised sports with popular ones like Cricket, Tennis, Rugby, etc using this technology to improve decision-making on-field. The most important practical implication of using this technology is a reduction in errors; empires and referees have more power to make the right decisions and players can challenge decisions they deem unfair (though they have only limited chances in sports like tennis).

Is that applicable to boxing?

1. The most popular argument against the use of video-replays in a sport like boxing is the idea that boxing is famous for its “free-flowing” format. As such, the concept of video-reviewing has no relevance and forcing it into the routine might spoil the composition of the game altogether.
2. Another reason why people are against the use of technology, especially video-replays, in boxing, is because they feel that the referee has the ultimate finger-on-the-pulse of the game. He has a view of what is happening and hence is the best one to decide both what should be done in a particular situation (stop a fight) or in the matter of scoring.

How professional boxing can improve with video-reviewing

Just because a solution works in a specific manner within a particular field, it doesn’t mean that it should only be used in that specific manner. Though it is impossible to use video-replays like they are now being used in Cricket or Tennis, it doesn’t mean that this technology has zero application in professional boxing. There are many ways in which the sport of boxing can gain by incorporating technology in its routine, especially video-replays.

Rather than saying video-replays cannot substitute the experience of an actual referee, a better way to look at this is as technology assisting the referee. Boxing happens at such a fast pace that even people with loads of experience can have a hard time keeping an eye on the game. The technology of video-replays can be useful to review the play at a slower speed to catch it at better detail. At decisive moments, rather than this delay being an annoyance, it can actually help build the anticipation contributing to the overall experience. Additionally, some of the decisions can be made without stopping play; this can help minimise the consequences of bad decisions on the players, the referees as well as the image of the game.

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