How WWE could improve Dolph Ziggler’s feud with The Miz


As WWE heads towards its 2014 edition of the Night of Champions pay-per-view it’s already obvious that Dolph Ziggler will take on The Miz in a match for the intercontinental championship. It’s possible that this feud could continue after the event so here are three things that WWE could do to spice up the rivalry.

Give the rivalry microphone time:

Every wrestling fan loves a good feud and one of the best ways to enhance a feud is by having the participants engage the audience on the mic as well as in the ring. Unfortunately in the WWE if they don’t consider a wrestler to be ‘main event’ material then wrestlers usually have to settle for those crappy video packages that they air before a match.

Ziggler’s promo skills could use some refining however The Miz is perfectly capable of carrying the feud on the mic as his past ‘main event’ heel exploits will show. The biggest benefit of having mic time is that it gives the feud a backbone, so far all fans know is that The Miz doesn’t like Ziggler because he lost the intercontinental title to him however title switches are a regular occurrence and are really not a good enough reason to constantly attack somebody, the crowd need more to work with.

Take Damien Sandow out of the picture:      

It’s understandable why Damien Sandow would be added to the feud as he has been impersonating a different person every week for a few months now, so naturally WWE would have Damien Sandow impersonate The Miz’s stunt double as he is a ‘hollywood star’ now. The problem with this is that Damien Sandow adds nothing to the feud and the crowd sure as hell don’t care about him. He’s just there because it’s something for him to do. Damien Sandow lost all credibility on the night that he lost to a one-armed John Cena and now he’s at the point that his presence takes credibility away from anything it graces.

Make it a focal point:

If WWE has the time and effort (I use that word loosely) to focus on Nikki and Brie Bella’s feud/soap opera then it definitely has time to focus on Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. This week on Monday Night Raw there were segments of Nikki Bella talking about how badly she’d been mistreated by her sister over the course of her life spread throughout the show and it helped, greatly to contribute to one of the worst episodes of Raw in recent years.

Having WWE focus on Ziggler and The Miz may not have saved the show but it would have made it watchable, the fact that they’re feuding over a title should be enough for WWE to focus on them and it’s not just any title, it’s the intercontinental title, a title that has been worn by many greats with pride. Making it a focal point will give Ziggler and The Miz much-needed credibility, which would be a win for WWE considering that not many wrestlers in that company have any drawing power.

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