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I Beat Mike Tyson – Full Documentary

I beat Mike Tyson

“This has the elements of a short and painful night for Kevin McBride” said the commentator on the evening of June 11, 2005.

The 32 year old Irish boxer was just about to fight against Mike Tyson and the commentator was only saying what everyone else was thinking.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

In the sixth round McBride was awarded a technical knockout (TKO) and Tyson was out of the ring.

You might have thought that this victory would launch McBride on a dazzling boxing career but despite the promises made by promoters this did not materialize.

Filmmaker Joshua Z Weinstein rediscovers boxer Kevin McBride, raising his children in a gritty Boston suburb. Kevinʼs body is deteriorating, yet he compulsively continues to prepare for another comeback fight.

This lyrical film finds a boxer at the end of his career – engaging in the Sisyphean task that is his life.

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