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Interview With Jay Briscoe – ROH World Champion


Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe spoke to Sam Roberts to give some insight into his life as a professional wrestler, what he hopes to accomplish in the near future and has not ruled out a potential move to the WWE.

As well as having a record eight ROH World Tag Team reigns with his younger brother Mark, Briscoe became only the second man in history to win the ROH World Championship twice, the other being  TNA star Austin Aries

Q) Was professional wrestling something you always wanted to get into?

“My brother and I always fought. Growing up and having a brother that’s not even a year younger than you and I remember our Dad used to make us box. I don’t know if he was just trying to get us ready or what but he’d make us put on the boxing gloves and encourage it”.

Briscoe says Paul Heyman’s ECW revolution in the mid 90’s helped feed his urge to become a professional wrestler.

“We always liked wrestling but once ECW came around, that was it. I remember Heat Wave 99, it was the first PPV that we watched and I remember Shane Douglas starting it off “Cut the F**king music, it just captured us man we were hooked from the moment we started watching it. After ECW went out of business we started watching Japanese wrestling”.

Q) Growing up, you and your brother had ambitions of becoming a tag team, now as a singles competitor and the current ROH World Champion, how does Mark view your success?

“I don’t know man, he still does his thing. We still do a lot of tagging even through the title reign so we’re still together. We’ll always be a tag team. That’s what we are it’s just sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. The one who it bothers the most is my mother man; she’s not a big fan of us doing singles”.

Q) Do you have a preference between working as a heel or baby face?

“Whatever is called for really. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages”.

Q) Is the WWE something you have considered for the future?

“We’ve spoken with them in the past but we’ve kind of got a lot of stuff going on man. At home, I can only imagine my wife and the schedule those guys have.  Mark and I, our wives are at home with three kids, but I’m never going to say never.”

In 2009, the Briscoe brothers had a short try out with the WWE in their developmental centre but were told they were not ‘cosmetically pleasing enough’. They took to YouTube to air their grievances.  Video found here:

Q) How do you feel about wrestling organizations putting out less hardcore material?

“At one time I think it was becoming a little over the top but as far as hardcore wrestling goes, Mark was born for that man. Jumping off of whatever, he was born for that s**t man.

Q) How do you feel about the success those from ROH who have gone to WWE have had, Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro), Tyler Black (Seth Rollins)?

“I’m glad to see it man. I’m watching my friends go out there and wrestle on Monday Night Raw or whatever it is but it’s cool man. Let’s say like if Claudio had a match, my son he’s five now I’ll pull out an old DVD and show it to my son, he gets a real kick out of that”.

Q) What is the next thing you’d like to accomplish in your career?

“We (Meaning Mark) haven’t been to New Japan yet, we’ve got this new relationship with them now”.

As of 2014, ROH and Japanese based promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling have made a contractual agreement to showcase PPV’s involving both rosters.

“There have been some mumbles about me doing some stuff for them so hopefully everything works out and of course do what we got to do to make Ring of Honor as big as it can get”.

Briscoe says he is working towards performing in NJPW and is currently only booked for only ROH events. He is next scheduled to face off against member of the Kingdom Matt Taven after successfully defeating long-term bitter rival Adam Cole at Final Battle.

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