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Jennifer Hudson upset with David Otunga’s career

jennifer and her fiance david otunga arrive
David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson

It’s been reported that Jennifer Hudson is unhappy with her fiancé David Otunga’s career in the WWE. David Otunga rose to prominence in 2010 with the Nexus and even managed to secure the WWE tag team championship on two occasions.

After the buzz around the Nexus disappeared David Otunga became used more sparingly as a wrestler and was the on-screen legal advisor for John Laurinaitis.

It’s fair to say that David Otunga is not a necessary part of WWE programming seeing as the last appearance he made on television was at WrestleMania XXX in the battle royal.

It’s been said that Jennifer Hudson would prefer if her fiancé becomes a television legal analyst so that he spend more time at home with his family; given his background in law, it would be a suitable career for him as well.

Despite his position in the company David Otunga continues to work with the WWE. In a recent magazine article a friend of Hudson’s said:

“Jen knows that it is his passion, but she doesn’t want him away from home for long periods of time, and there’s always a chance he could get hurt. Jen keeps trying to steer him away from what he really wants to do…[But] he feels that since she’s living her dream, he should be able to live his.”

With Otunga’s career having clearly stalled it may be time for him to take his future wife’s advice, whether he listens to her or not, he doesn’t stand to lose much.

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