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Johnny Manziel’s Browns Shut Out By The Bengals


Johnny Manziel’s Cleveland Browns were shut out in a 30-0 home mauling by the Cincinnati Bengals. What was meant to resemble a fairytale for the former Texas A & M Aggie ended in a nightmare as Manziel threw two interceptions during his first NFL start of his career. Manziel threw for just 80 yards as the Bengals picked up their biggest shut out win since 2006 to remain at the top of the AFC North.

From the very first snap of the game the Cincinnati Bengals defensive line had the Browns’ offensive line chasing shadows as they placed severe pressure on Johnny Manziel in the pocket. At times Manziel improvised and scrambled for positive yards but at times he looked out of his depth. Jeremy Hill scored two Touchdowns and Rex Burkhead scored one as the Bengals dominated to gain revenge for the Browns’ week 4 win in Cincinnati.

Now the question for Cleveland is do they stick with Manziel for next weeks crunch match at the Panthers? The hype surrounding this weeks game gave the Browns’ fans hope ahead of the massive AFC North clash with the Bengals. Manziel really was never afforded the time to settle in the pocket and get his game going. He threw two bad passes that were intercepted but there were signs of promise as he was able to move the ball down the field and improvise at times.

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The Browns need to stick with Manziel and give him the time to develop into the franchise Quaterback that they want him to become. Since 1999, when the Browns drafted Tim Couch they have been longing for the long-term prospect that can give Browns fans hope. However, after Tim Couch, Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden they still haven’t found the one with all three players leaving the Brown with a record under .500. Now with “Johnny Football” they have an exciting future. He needs time to develop and I only hope that people don’t panic given the severe beating his team took today and give him the time to become the player they have wanted for over 20 years.

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