Josh Warrington Becomes Two-Time Champion and Riakporhe Stops Jumah


Published on 27 Mar 2022 2:33 pm (UK Time)

British Boxing is as healthy as it’s ever been and we saw clear evidence this weekend as we saw two simultaneous, competing quality boxing cards. One from Leeds on DAZN topped by Josh Warrington’s attempt to become two-time Featherweight champion and the other being a Cruiserweight domestic clash in Wembley on Sky Sports.

Josh Warrington – Kiko Martinez Results, Undercard

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There was a lively start to the rematch of the 2017 fight between Josh Warrington and Kiko Martinez. Kiko Martinez, the defending IBF champion, was cut early with what looked like an accidental clash of heads at the fault of both fighters due to the style in which they fight. Warrington scored an early knockdown with a looping right hand and had a very strong first.

Warrington seemed to carry that momentum into the second and boxed much smarter than he’s done before, focusing on quality power punches instead of pure volume. Warrington was even boxing Kiko on the backfoot and showed us not only that Kiko is a faded warrior, but that Warrington still has it at world level.

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The challenger did not switch off for a single moment in the fight and maintained control throughout the rounds, not rushing his work or forcing a finish. In the fifth, Kiko had his first moment of real success with a right hand that momentarily stunned the Leeds Warrior but it seemed a start to late for the Spanish fighter.

The cut on the eyes of Martinez and with him losing every round, he had a sense of urgency in the sixth, however, he had little to no success due to the accurate shot selection of Warrington that caught Kiko anytime he attempted to unload. In the seventh, Warrington finally stepped on the gas and threw a massive flurry with Martinez on the ropes with around 20 unanswered shots, forcing the referee to stop the contest in a perfect performance from Warrington.

Riakporhe Jumah Results, Undercard

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In the main event, Jumah was controlling the action early with his fast feet and awkward style able to get in and out of range quickly enough to hit Riakporhe without Riakporhe being in a position to throw. Riakporhe found success in the fourth round where he threw one of his first power punches in the fight – a right hand down the middle which was the perfect show to knock down the southpaw Jumah.

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Jumah seemed to have recovered after the fourth and arguably got the better of the next three rounds, although they were all closer than the first three and you could have reasonably given Riakporhe a round there. In the eighth, Riakporhe landed a devastating right hand to the body to end the contest and the brave effort from Jumah.

Overall, Riakporhe was not active enough in most of the rounds and seemed bewildered by the puzzle that is Deion Jumah early. Riakporhe still needs a couple more fights before going to world level as it is evident that Riakporhe does not have that amateur schooling that allows him to deal easily with any style and needs more teaching to be confident on the inside.

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On Chief Support, Dan Azeez maintained his unbeaten record with an 8th round stoppage of the very brave Reece Cartwright who took this contest on 48 hours’ notice. Cartwright, the significantly taller man, had success early with that jab, but Azeez played the waiting game, keeping the pressure up and waiting for Cartwright to tire.

In the seventh, he did just that and Azeez placed a beating on Cartwright before the corner of Cartwright compassionately pulled their man out in the eighth. Also on the undercard, Caroline Dubois and Adam Azim got emphatic first-round stoppages and Harry Scarff won the English Welterweight title with a dominant 10-round points decision.

By Darshan Desai – EverythingBoxing


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