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Lebron Returning To Cleveland

After weeks of anticipation, Lebron James finally announced where he would be playing next season: The Cleveland Cavaliers. James met with the Heat on Wednesday but it seems that they couldn’t come to an agreement.

The overall factor for his decision was that Ohio is where he grew up and he thought it was a great place to raise his family, and a great place to play. It also seems Lebron has forgiven the Cavaliers fans for their hurtful comments and actions after he left for Miami.

Telling by the article that he wrote for ” Sports Illustrated” , it doesn’t seem like James plans on leaving Cleveland again anytime soon.

He says he is still friends with all of the players and coaches in Miami and that there are no hard feelings, he just has better relationships and connections in Cleveland.

So now the question is since the Cavaliers have secured Lebron James, can they also add Kevin Love to form a big three with Lebron and Kyrie Irving? With the right moves, Cleveland could make a trade for Kevin Love.

The other option is to clear cap space and sign him when he opts out of his contract, wich they have already started to do by trading away Jarret Jack and Tyler Zeller. Now with the addition of James alone, is Cleveland a playoff caliber team?

Yes, Lebron James is a freak of nature and is so athletic. He and Kevin Durant are easily the best two players in the NBA right now. With Jame’s superstar ability along with the superstar ability of Kyrie Irving and possibly Kevin Love, I think we could be looking at a championship team in the next two to three years.

But who can Cleveland add to their roster to make that happen? There are two free agents right now that are ideal for the Cavaliers cap space wise.

Those two are Ray Allen and Eric Bledsoe. Adding Ray Allen would just spread the floor even more for this lights out Cleveland team and Eric Bledsoe could be a main role player off the bench.

If the Cavs add a couple more pieces to finish out the puzzle, they will have fully rebuilt and be ready to win titles.


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