Liverpool advance in the Capital One Cup after a dramatic 30 penalty kicks


Liverpool has advanced to the fourth round in the Capital One Cup after a very dramatic match against Middlesbrough. The match ended 2 – 2 after extra-time, and had to be resolved in a penalty shoot-out. This shoot-out resulted in 30 penalty kicks before Liverpool finally ended up as victors.

Liverpool had young Jordan Rossiter starting in midfield, making his debut at the tender age of 17. This turned out to be a good decision, as the young English-man scored after 10 minutes, after clumsy defending from the Boro-keeper and defense. He steered the ball towards the goal from well over 30 yards out, cheating the clumsy Blackman in goal, who tried to save the ball with his feet. He failed and the score was 1 – 0.

A good start for Liverpool, who you could imagine would be desperate for some success after two defeats in a row in the league to Aston Villa and West Ham.

Middlesbrough never gave up though and held the score at 1 – 0 at half-time.

15 minutes in to the second half a shock went through Anfield, as Boro’s Adam Reach scored following a free-kick caused by a handball a few feet outside the penalty box from Mamadou Sakho. Inattentive defending from Jose Enrique resulted in the score 1 – 1 at the 60th minute.

Neither of the teams were able to score in ordinary time and the match was forced into overtime. Liverpool looked lively during this period, and the livelihood resulted in Liverpool’s Suso scoring after well-timed passing from the left side from Enrique and Raheem Sterling.

Both teams were content with the fact that Liverpool was the victors of the match, but then, out of nowhere, Raheem Sterling played an atrocious back-pass, which resulted in a penalty to Boro, which Chelsea-loanee Patrick Bamford converted coolly, making it 2 – 2.

The whistle blew, and the two teams had to face each other in a penalty shoot-out.

This shoot-out was almost beyond belief, as it took 30 penalty kicks before a victor was found. Liverpool looked destined to win the shoot-out early, as Patrick Bamford missed Boro’s second penalty in the shoout-out. Raheem Sterling was left with the responsibility of securing Liverpool’s win, but missed as well. This resulted in the monstrous 30 penalty shoot-out, where Liverpool ended as the victors in the end.

Elsewhere, both Arsenal and Everton was defeated, losing to respectively Southampton and Swansea FC.

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